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  1. ED Support sadly couldnt help be but unintentionally i found it out by myself. TrackIR5 was causing it because it froze in the background. Closing the process with the taskmanager and restarting it solved it.
  2. I can slew the tdc/tgp finde with the 4 Buttons but with the axis it jumps really strange around. I can slew to a point but if i want to move it again it jumps back to boresight and then its stuck until i undesignate and move it with the fpm on the ground. This goes on and on.
  3. i totally forgot about this problem. it wasnt the antivirus and the problem is still existing and the same. the log ends with: 2018-05-16 18:08:13.595 INFO INPUT: Device [Mouse] created deviceId = -1 A few weeks ago i compleatly reinstalled Windows 10 Im now writing a ticket
  4. And even with audio it would only show radar guided stuff and not IR guided rockets. I can always see if something locked on to me because it gets marked with a arrow on the hud rwr and can hide behind a mountain. If its a single fighter i can easily take it out if it is a head on approach. Many fighter pilots underestimate the capabillity of the AV8B.
  5. thats how i do it: - wheight off wheels - go to dmt page, hit code to get the box around CODE and 1111 appears. - type new code - hit enter - done
  6. With SAS off the AV8B is way more "woobly" and and its easier to maneuver with a wing ripped off.
  7. Im redownloading -.- I hope this will fix it Im downloading DCS 2.5 with the OB 2.5 launcher from the DCS homepage.
  8. I have already reported that bug a few days ago. Still no response. I hope its getting fixed soon.
  9. The plus has FLIR but the radar replaces the ARBS
  10. Right now DCS works fine because i restarted my PC. If the problem comes back i will reinstall DCS entirely. How much do i have to download? ~80GB?
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