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  1. Did this ever actually become a thing? I'd download it to have some laughs.
  2. I dont really know what the mans but I got the answer from @Gierasimov So thanks for that podcast! I guess we wont really know but i agree with you. Lets hope for Q2 or even better Q1!
  3. Can you re-name the "INVISIBLE FARP" to something else by editing one of the lua files? For example I'd like to name it something else to make it easy to see a custom airstrip like "XYZ Field base" or something like that.
  4. Sounds like you need to boresight first. Its worked for me every time.
  5. Have we gotten any comms about the Syria expansion lately? Back in November ED made the post about it but its been fairly quiet since then. Unless I missed a note somewhere. Are they pressing for the same release as the new engine with weather or somewhere in Q2-3? This is by far the absolute best map DCS has to offer, and I appreciate Ugra's fine tooth comb in their work to release and expand it. I cant wait for all the new bases for combat server flexibility!
  6. Its the best map DCS has to offer. Bottom line. For a combat environment nothing beats it. I love it. The cities, the airbases, the land, everything.
  7. Unless the ACLS in the airplane is tied to that FLOLS icon thats not what im getting at. The point being the autopilot takes extremely large over-corrections to get on course. Half the time I end of having to wave off from it
  8. Over the course of the last few weeks Ive started flyng more and more CASE III's. I havent messed with the ACLS lately since I know it can be really "iffy" sometimes. I fly a really nice clear day straight in on this video and I believe that the autopilot make far too aggressive corrections to get on course. at the 23 second mark youll see the activation of the autopilot as the nose dives 10+ degrees towards the ocean. I feel that maybe its possible to give limits on how many degrees of bank and pitch is allowed with the ACLS on. Of course this is coming from a guy who knows nothing of sc
  9. Evening team. Any way we can change our Forums username? It would be great to match my login username of Coyote_one. I don't see a place to do it with the new forum engine. Thanks!
  10. https://clips.twitch.tv/ShyTemperedRavenYouDontSay Heres some more reference footage of what keeps happening. Ive had to remove the Sa-11's from the mission for this reason sadly.
  11. I just find it strange that it this is the correct operation, to hit the target and explode 10 feet high. At least from the limited videos of an AGM88 it doesn't look like they do that in real life. Most videos show it hiring the target directly from the top-down. According to the reddit link another player kindly posted in a reply above, I'm not the only one with the issue. I cannot pinpoint exactly which update this began to happen either but I just hope this brings it to your attention seeing as how there are many others facing the same issues. If the missile is supp
  12. Yessir, I tested in single player as well. This way I was able to place a hot acft in the air to test the theory. The missile seems to track the tall antenna on the SA 11 and not the emitter itself causing it to go high.
  13. For the last few weeks I have used the HARM's extensively. They flight profile tends to be way too low on most occasions ergo causing the missile to impact the ground nearby OR hitting the target and not registering whatsoever. According to TacView replays and screenshots these are registered HITS indicated by the flashing white box however in game the unit remains at 100% OR for direct hits will not completely destroy the unit. Ive noticed they dont follow a logical flight path to the targets either. It likes to dive down and then skid low level with no energy to its target causing it to
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