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  1. This seems really complicated for something so simple. Why doesnt the late activation of client spawns work? coalition has airbase --> Active 10 client slots on that base --> Done. Whats the easiest way to go about this without having to dive so deep into scripting? What If I already have 10 flags in use for other things?
  2. Much appreciated. Really dont know how to script but Ill give it a try
  3. Well, trying to figure this out since I have ZERO clue how to script. I can s et a late activation client spawn of 4 jets. They are triggered to "Group activate" once the airbase has been captured. If you select the slot early, it says "Your slot is waiting to spawn" <-- Thats fine by me. But then when the condition of the airbase being captured happens. They still wont let me spawn into them, even after all conditions are met. Basically I want nobody to take that slot until the airbase has been captured.
  4. While designing a high slot multiplayer server Ive found that Ramat David has lots of empty aircraft hangars especially the green covered ones without a parking slot available. Adding these would give so many more parking spots. The grass covered hangars are fairly small but theyre obviously built to park aircraft. The f16 fits no problem. I cant imagine this would be a difficult task to add the spots. It cannot be done with the spawn on ground script addon since they're inside a building.
  5. Trying to figure this out since I know I can have a blue tank destroy red units on an airbase and I have the trigger setup to sound an alarm. However When I dont use the AI tank and I blow the red units up and I land on the runway, nothing happens. Why is that? Im a blue plane who destroyed the red units on the airbase. Im no different than the blue AI tank that blew up the red units and then entered the zone right? So how can I accomplish this? Basically Id like to have players fly around and destroy the enemy forces at each airfield and turns them blue so they can re-supply. I thought that o
  6. This thread is quite large, but has anyone reported a fix on how to select a build if no build is available in the dropdown? I'm just going to start running my personal desktop 24/7 and I already have the OB on here but obviously this is way easier. just cant get a build selected to do anything. Theres no options in the dropdown. ANy ideas?
  7. I'm no expert on the F-16 but all the other planes have green NVG's. Something wrong here?
  8. Im looking for the same solution. Where abouts would I insert that? Id rather not have russian F18 colors on red team (USAF Aggressors).
  9. Theres lot of hangars up at the north side of the field. Seeing as how this base cant park many bigger planes like the A10 it would be nice to see these hangars utilized for more fighters. Spawn with open doors or something.
  10. I start enough airplanes at my job every day, I don't want to sit there and fire one up in a game at home. I'm not missing anything this sim has to offer by not starting my jet. Hot starts always.
  11. Is that possible if I wanted to choose when I wanted those units to come back? Say my team is ready for a fight, I want them to choose when to spawn them in each time. Not automatically after a delay. I currently use the \ F10 other to spawn aircraft in but when theyre destroyed thats it, cant bring them back. I'd like to respawn on their command multiple times.
  12. Ahhhhh Clever clever.... I gotcha now. How would one use mist.respawn? Assuming I'd need another program to run these or just put them in the script box in the actions section for the trigger?
  13. From what I see, he says dont add late activation on the units I want to re spawn. That would mean that the unit will be already spawned in upon mission start which is not what my goal is right? Id still like to choose when to initially spawn them in AND choose when he gets to respawn. So if were done and fly away he wont just come back again without my command. Again SUPER new at this world, thanks for any more replies
  14. So I've learned how to setup a flag action to place a pair of fighters in the air. Then whilst playing the mission in multiplayer I can recall those fighters using the \ key F10 other and selecting the units to spawn. That all works great but once they are destroyed theyre gone. Any ideas on how to setup the flag or the F10 so that when those units are destroyed I can call the same one in again over and over? Unfortunately I can only have as many units to spawn as i have F keys (F1-F12) and of course once a unit is called up from the late activation thats it! This is the first time in all
  15. Yeah but for the games immersion purposes. Those hangars are in a great spot for quick and easy access to the runway. Seems like a really easy fix just copy paste the other side right? hahaha
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