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  1. Ooof... Rough.... The harrier we all knew and love is gone.
  2. Lol yes, way ahead of you on that. They definitely decreased the power in this thing at some point.
  3. Did I miss something or is the harrier extremely underpowered now in the hover? You used to at least get off the ground with a full tank and empty wings but now she wont even budge. What happened??
  4. This specific screenshot was taken in grid DA17 however all of the water in the map seem to raise and lower in altitude. Some spots are higher than others. Some lakes are at 80 feet and the middle of the lake is 40 feet. A minor gripe but water and gravity don't work like that Hopefully your team is aware of this, thank you!
  5. You can tell this map was designed with helis in mind for the low level detail. Cant wait for the HIND and AH-64D to complete the package.
  6. I feel this is overlooked. The new airbases are OUTSTANDING. Puts Caucasus and any other map to shame. As I sit here updating my server with the new map making new objective and spawn points and captures each new airbase looks awesome and I cant wait to see what comes next. Your hard work and attention to detail do NOT go unnoticed! Looking forward to the next update!
  7. I appreciate the reply. I looked into it at yeah you're right. I have to now arrange monitor 2 on the right side. And I did exactly what you said and input the resolution of 2 and 3. I can now freely use monitor 2 for discord except now I have to think opposite in my head (drag the nose to the right side too access the left monitor). But I guess that's a small price to pay. As for the screenshots I use Reshade and I'm going to research if there's a way to change it in there. If not then I'll just have to start cropping all the shots. Shame that the main screen has to be
  8. SO i currently use the MFD export scripts for all aircraft. Attached is the config lua. The screenshot button captures ALL screens, even the MFD's. This is a bit bothersome that I need to crop every photo now. How can I make it so DCS only snaps the main screen? This is also a concern because even though I am not displaying anything on monitor #2, the screen still goes black and I cannot use it for anything else. as soon as I click back into DCS, whatever was on #2 goes into the background. Normally I like to have discord and chat on the other screen to be seen while flying.
  9. Thread revival. SInce the forums changed engines I cant see the photo from the HB testers team back on the first page. Ive matched the X/Y coords from the viper and harrier MFD's but the tomcats a no-go. Missing something? Or did something change?
  10. This is awesome! Great work to the whole team for their dedication!
  11. Alright, here's where I stand. I made it to where my screen #3 will show BOTH the F16 MFD's on the same screen, one top left and one top right for the Thrustmaster Cougar pack. However I cannot use my secondary monitor. Screen #2 is my discord, TeamSpeak, etc. etc. window I need to have open and visible while flying. Screen#1 is obviously the main window to fly on. So everything seems to be lined up perfectly regarding the MFD's on screen #3 but I have to tab in and out to use the #2 screen. #1 = 3440x1440 #2 = 1920x1080 #3 = 1920x1080 - Much smaller s
  12. Reading through all the different posts has been crazy to try and replicate.... My mind is numb. No matter what I do, my profile never shows up. I went and copied someone else's profile and theirs shows up but not mine and I copied all the entries and just changed the resolution. I must be thinking the wrong numbers here. Main 3440x1440 Secondary monitor (Discord, srs, ts, etc, etc) 1920x1080 SINGLE 11.6" 1920x1080 <-- Need both Left and right MFD's on the same screen left and right side respectively for Viper and tomcat Its probably pretty pretentious of me to a
  13. I just downloaded the F14 Streamdeck and DCS plugin. So far I've got a lot mapped thanks to user @nosaMtrevoCand his cool profile. But I haven't found a way to find Jester AI commands. I know they're in the in game keybinding menu but DCS doesn't recognize the Streamdeck since it's not a 'Button" and unfortunately I haven't found any item ID codes for jester stuff. I'm assuming it's because Streamdeck uses only clickable in the library and jester isn't a "clickable button" so it has no ID Iguess but I can't choose things like: "choose specific target" or "Set steerp
  14. I got the basic profile installed. Im assuming theres nothing implemented for the Tacan 3 digit viewing yet? its ID is 0 right now. How would you dial and view the tacan? Thats the biggest thing is I'd like to see the tacan in the Stream Deck.
  15. I just got a streamdeck XL to do exactly this and found your thread. Ill be reading closely. This looks absolutely amazing. Whats the quickest way to get started on this? I got the XL to fit hopefully everything or enough on one page.
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