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  1. Found the problem, seems like Pimax hates windows Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling. Just a heads up if any ever will have the problem I got
  2. so what is dcs doing? cannot think of anything it is doing that add that effect
  3. Been trough both steamvr and pitool, not a problem on those. Tried with other games, they do not have that problem that dcs has
  4. Hey many thanks for the mod. Really improved the VR experience. Though now I have a problem. Whenever I start, there is smart smoothing applied to dcs. Or better known as motion Smoothing in steam vr. When it was applied once that was ok, but rather not have it. But now it has applied it two times, so whenever I turn my head, there will be constant smart smoothing effect on smart smoothing effect and make the entire screen shake with more than 2 cockpits. But the weird thing is, when I alt+tab to another program The smart smoothing will complete stop. All this started after using this mod, tho
  5. Well gonna sorta answer my own question. For the HU-1 when I removed all keyboard assignment for the axis movement ( for keyboard flying ) The mushiness disappeared. For the Mi-8 still had some of the mushiness, but I guess it because of the hydraulic system, not sure.
  6. Hi new to the forum. I have the exact problem, where the controls are really moshy as you say. Make it almost impossible to have a steady hover with helicopters. Have you find a fix for that or is this still a problem?
  7. Got Trackir4 its über cool, very fun to run around in Arma with it ;) the only crit is that they dont think that Linux is important and dont develope a Linux driver for that hardware, pity when I actually play 90% in Linux, and I do miss it there. ( X-Plane 9 )
  8. Woot on Steam then ( linux is my new fav OS. ) so Wine its getting better now? have not played with it for long now, maybe a update on wine an see what it can now. But Im back with buying it if it comes on Steam :thumbup: P.s sorry for shorting your quote Flyboy
  9. Well after reading the hole thing. I can say that if there is limit on the installation of the game I will not buy it. Even though this sim looks to be the next BIG sim but here comes the funny part I can also buy it and then find a NOCD kinda thingy that removes the CP. makes one wonder why CP is here :P
  10. well at that time the Black Shark was "just" a plugin for the sim, look at it now :smilewink:
  11. Yep the support for TIR4 is bad, out of the box it support 2dof. but there is a plugin that gives 5dof support
  12. Hannibal sorry to say, while producing this video, I played with multiplayer, well it was a big setback for x-plane, when flying around with another, the rotors dont spin, and there is no sound from the other player, and my FPS from 40 droped to 20 just with another player, dont know but seems it has to be another sim we need, will make the clip, but will not post it in this tread. the multiplayer part was made with LAN, dont know if its different when playing on hovercontrol or avsim, havent tested that
  13. Sry Hannibal forgot. all the helicopters in the movie is from X-plane 8, its has good backward compadibility.. diblty.. bllø somthing :P
  14. Well did miss the deadline, cant say I didnt try to reach it, and even didnt get the Idea I had with the video, but noticed that I get creative while I was drunk :D and a sidenote for my self... remember to do a storyboard :doh: ok next video will be the good and bad about x-plane helicopters PS. the scenery you see, is the standard LOWI scenery, rest of the world dosnt have scenery, just and info, btw the time in the video where I fly over water? ya thats grand canyon :P havent installed the scenery that is 70 gig for the hole world
  15. Ok you gave me a challenge Hannibal... I like it :D give me approx 24 hours, will show the good part of x-plane and the bad part ( every software have bad part will try to show them all ) but seems I have to do a low quality youtube :P vimeo will not accept game movies longer ( DOH ) ( so much for no more x-plane :D ) ya that will be a good suprice if it comes out before we are ready for training
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