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  1. Easiest way is in the game - go to the Encyclopedia and find it there.
  2. It looks like Cain from Robocop 2 :megalol: But I completely agree, it needs to be selectable as a weapon NOW!!
  3. Dear all, I'm completely stumped as to how to order wingmen to attack ground targets or ships. Can anyone shed any light on this? Brgds, C_W_S
  4. Keen! Depending on price, but absolutely keen! Top marks for initiative :)
  5. Minne isn't working either. Is there a fix? I've noticed a working mirror on many YouTube videos...
  6. Wow IASGATG, this could be a lot of fun to try out. Is it compatible with a mod manager and, if so, which one(s)?
  7. What a legend! I'd be happy with just a RAF Mossie, hadn't even considered an RN version!!! I'm having trouble taking off in a straight line with my Spit IX, imagine the torque steer with two Merlins turning in the same direction - with an extra blade each :-o
  8. Ebs, you're a total legend. It's thanks to people like you that those of us with less competence can enjoy the benefits of those who do. This was a dream to install and run thanks to your comprehensive guide.
  9. Great aircraft too. Would be fun to try with the Bk-5 against B-17s!
  10. Yes!! The only reason I didn't mention it is because it barely flew in Europe. The cockpit was too cold, being so far from the engines! But agree, would love to see it as a flyable module, really cool aircraft.
  11. Dear Eagle Dynamics, It's difficult to find faults in the products available, everything is done to such a high standard. The only thing which really stands out in a negative way is the way the external lights have been programmed. They simply don't have a haze/glow during day-time in real life. In fact, they're difficult to see at all during the day. The way they've been programmed to glow is unrealistic and doesn't contribute positively at all. During day-time, they should simply be a faint green/red/white dot. Can this be amended? It's a small thing which would make a massive di
  12. Thank you for replying! It was to do with the hardware, see my answer to Ramsay below.
  13. Ramsay, many thanks! I have a Saitek X-55, so I'd mapped the fuel flow lever to one of the throttle sticks. I tried to tune the axes with the dead zones at the end of travel, but that didn't actually help. Then I tried removing the axis altogether - which DID work! And I've subsequently realised it's far more comfortable using the throttles as one for the collective, rather than having it split. THank you very much for taking your time to comment!
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