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  1. Honestly at this point, I’ve given up hope of seeing her this year. In fact I’m just hoping that ED will decide to develop her themselves now that they can see the obvious interest in this airframe, as I am fully expecting Polychop so walk away as this point. I hope I’m wrong, and I will fully support Polychop if they do get this module released, but the complete radio silence and lack of any visibly development is waving some huge red flags for me. I know they have said they were dropping back on the comms to concentrate on the module rather than negative posts, BUT I think its fair to say they have gone too far in that respect. just some sign of life would put most of the concerns and fears to bed, but I’m not convinced that will happen.
  2. Same here. Not used VR for a bit, as was struggling to stop stutters while over towns. So gave up and decided to go 2D and physical controls. however after reading how much V33 improves things figured I would give it a go yesterday. Wow smooth, clear and no stutters. Very very impressed. so now I need to make a choice, 2D or VR and cancel the MFD order I still have outstanding. BUT whatever I decide, blooming impressed at the improvements that have been made here
  3. Fantastic video mate, well done. just love that theme. that gave me literally goosebumps.
  4. Files are now up, if you’ve not already grabbed them. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318493/
  5. SP works fine, I can feather on and off to my hearts content. MP however,it won’t feather for love nor money, engine also continues to run no issues despite fuel cut off pulled.
  6. Done, took a few mins to convert, sounds great.
  7. Hi all, I wonder if someone can help me as I’m struggling to sort this out. Was hit by flak earlier today which required me to shut down and feather the right engine. The process I used was starboard throttle to idle, starboard rpm to minimum, pull starboard fuel cut off, starboard magnetos 1 and 2 to off. Starboard feather push in and hold. Yet the engine still seemed to be on, the prop continued to turn at speed, and the flame animation from the exhausts was still visible, which I assume if engine was off, they would stop due to no fuel going into the engine to ignite, and if the props feather, then it shouldn’t windmill. Have I missed something somewhere? Is the the real behaviour? ( sadly as no flyable Mossie sim england it’s one aircraft I’ve never seen fly so have no idea ) is this a Bug? Is it a control setup issue on my system? just wondering if any others have had similar issues, so I can try and solve it.
  8. Snap, been flying no problems all morning, logged off for lunch, came back 30 mins later and can’t log back in
  9. think this is one theme someone in the community will be all over. i certainly agree its really a must have. Hopefully someone with the expertise will do a mod for us all soon
  10. found it thanks, thought as the button stated canister release in the cockpit, it was the same thing. all works now, many thanks.
  11. Yep also struggling to release bombs. What is the keybinding name I should set up? currently set to container jettison - press but it doesn’t appear to do anything. have the power to bomb, Bombs 1 ,2 3, and 4 power to on, fuze set to nose. bomb bay doors open, open container jettison button cover and yet nothing happens. tried in SP and MP
  12. Hugh congratulations to everyone involved in bringing the Mossie home. Now granted I’ve only flown her for a 20 mins or so to test my control setup, but wow. She does feel like a dream. The internals look amazing and I can’t wait to get doing some missions in her. Pleased that it didn’t take too long to setup my small home cockpit. ( little hint for anyone with the Winwing combat panel. Use the station select buttons for the bomb panel. Centre to open/close panel. Then from left to right station 1,2,3,4. For bomb power on/off. It works really well. ) Thankyou once again.
  13. Hi guys, I’ve just had this pop up on my feed, and it truly is a great little documentary on our beloved Mossie. thought some of you may be interested innit
  14. Wow Thankyou for that. Think my mates 3D printer is about to get a hammering. as to the ops request. Like many others here, I opted for the Honeycomb Bravo for my throttle. Only concern is due to time, it’s mounted on the right side, rather than the left as my Warthog. Not normally an issue when paired with a yoke, but as I’m using my Warthog stick for the Mossie, that’s set up for a right hand. so could get Intresting
  15. Hi guys, I’m trying to add a P51 25 or 30 to a mission file. Now whatever I do, whenever I try and choose that slot to see if it’s working, DCS goes into a flyby view and then hovers over another random aircraft. I have other client aircraft in the mission, including Other P51s, spitfires and P47s. I can join ALL of these with no issues, including the other P51s that came with the mission, that I’m adjusting. Trying to get us all to start at Hawkenge on the channel map. any one have any ideas where I’m going wrong?
  16. Not sure why this hasn’t been highlighted more clearly, But a new video series has started called Mossie Monday. I initially saw a official post on Facebook, which I can’t find anymore, but luckily it’s also been reposted on YouTube. enjoy guys, some stunning footage of our favourite module. looking forward to next week.
  17. It’s absolutely stunning. Best throttle I ever bought. Easy to setup and swap around for different aircraft, and in my opinion will be absolutely perfect for multi engined prop aircraft like the Mossie. highly recommended if you can find it in stock.
  18. Ummmm, This states PRE ORDER video goes live in 64 mins. it’s happening, oh yes, it’s finally happening.
  19. God I love this video, such amazing editing between the two. Now I know I’m quite likely reading too much into this, AND the chances of this happening are fairly slim. BUT have just gotten footage off the Jericho raid released, that took 4 days to plan. 4 working days from the video release is Weds, which is the traditional day new releases land. NOW I know the chances of this are slim, I know that actually there isn’t any hidden agenda, and that Ed just wanted to release a great video, but hey I can dream right. I’m never gonna get my favourite WW2 aircraft in DCS, not sure there is much appeal from the Short Sunderland to most people, BUT my 2nd all time favourite IS the Mossie, so yes I am rather excited to get this.
  20. Well after a while putting it off, ive finally started on my journey to learn this wonderful aircraft. Several attempts at landing, which in the end resulted in us both getting killed, Rubbish pilot. But before out untimely demise, a wonderful low level flight across the Middle east to get used to her. Ive a very very long way to go before im competant at all in her, but all in all a very nice first evening. Got to love Volanta for easy tracking of the flight. Can you spot the carriers position.
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