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  1. Hi guys, I’ve been asked to learn the Rio position in the F14, as my bro wants to do some Multicrew missions. Now while I have sat in that seat what the jet was first released, I found try to learn the backseat in single player very very frustrating as the pilot AI is extremely basic. I did spend hrs sat at the end of a runway with targets setup to approach me at different levels and distances to try and teach myself basic use of the radar, but while I found I could track them in that situation. The moment I went flying, I could detect or track a darn thing. So I’m won
  2. Here is another vote for a Post Tram variant. As it’s early early days of development, and the Tram system is quite an old system, I’m hoping it will be possible for Heatblur to develop it.
  3. Cheers all. I’ve gone in the end for Viacom and the interactive kneeboard, which seems to do a lot of what I’m after, I’ve also been offered some amazing help by Weegie, who has very generously offered to do a VA profile for me to do exactly the functionality I’m after. Huge thanks to everyone who has offered advice, it truly is most appreciated.
  4. Hi guys, I’m building my brother a newish build after he fried his pc last month. I have a max budget of £1500 so I’ve thought about going down the AMD route to keep costs down. Now I will freely admit to being a Intel guy, and I’ve not built an AMD system since 97. So I really haven’t been keeping up with what is worth getting or not. Been reading up and taking advice from my best mate who is a AMD guy, and have come up with the following specs. AMD Ryzen 7 5800x ASUS tuf gaming X570 plus 32gb Corsair vengeance 3600mhz Samsung 980 pro 500gb M2 dr
  5. Cheers mate, but watching some of your posts and certainly your kneeboard seems to work similar to what I’m after. Just asking for maps or airfield plates etc as well as the normal commands for the Viacom interactive kneeboard would be perfect. I saw Baileys voice attack profile in the downloads about an hr ago, so was planning on downloading that and then hopefully being able to add the kneeboard commmands to the Viacom profile, should do the trick. at mo the only kneeboard extra I have is the Viacom one which I grabbed yesterday, so all very very new to me. Despite
  6. Hi guys, just wondering does this provide voice interaction with the standard DCS knee board or just with the Viacom pages that I’ve seen in the screenshots? While I see people are saying they are still using their own custom knee boards with it, I’m confused on how to make that actually happen. What happens about campaign mission briefings, maps, F14 kneeboard pages etc? sorry for the questions but I’m just rather confused right now. This appears to give me the main solution to copying 9 lines in VR which I’m after, but obviously still need acce
  7. Hi guys, I’m considering moving over to VR full time in DCS now the Quest 2 resolution is rather impressive, and I might actually be able to see targets. Up till now, I’ve only really used VR while flying for transit and in Helos, rather than fighting, so the one thing I’m wondering how to do is using target grid refs, Kneeboards and radio frequencies in VR. at mo, I use a physical knee pad, to write anything info down as I receive it, which obviously isn’t practical when I’m wearing a VR headset. What are the best solutions you guys have found? Some way
  8. I know it’s horrible isn’t it. Been waiting forever for a 3080, but after multiple attempts over last few months to get one and watching the prices continuing to rise, I bit the bullet and grabbed a 3090 which I could at least pre order and lock in the price. still sucks that I’ve paid £1900 for something that was only £1500 a few short months ago, but at least I’ve got a chance at upgrading from my 1080ti now. I figure if the prices come down I can always cancel the pre order if needed. never known pc components to be this hard to get hold off in all my yea
  9. Well, with no hope of getting a 3080 anytime soon, and the GPU prices rising and rising, I’ve finally bitten the bucket and ordered a 3090 myself. Far far more than I’ve ever spent on a GPU before in my life, but I find if I don’t think about it, it doesn’t upset me as much. I have the same chipset and memory as you, so must admit it’s very encouraging to hear you are having good results with it. Upgrading from a 1080ti so I just hope I can finally fly without stutters.
  10. Thanks for all the reply’s everyone. It seems like the Hornet is the fav by most. So I’m gonna head for that first. At least until the harrier gets the bugs ironed out, I mean she’s gonna be perfect for the Falklands map right. However with the Mossie, Hind, Apache and the Kiowa on the way as well the choice is about to get even harder.
  11. Hi all, I own all the current modules in DCS, and I’ve been flying here since the days of Lock On. However it’s fair to say I’m a bloody useless pilot. Up to now I tend to jump from module to module, learning a bit of it, moving to another airframe, forgetting everything I’ve learnt, I starting again. Ive decided I want to fully learn a single module and become fairly competent in it. Now I do tend to prefer ground pounding, and the A10 is the only module I really feel competent in. So at mo I’m leaning towards either the F18, or Harrier. Just thought I
  12. Have to admit that while the Mossie was always a day 1 purchase for me, as it’s my favourite WW2 aircraft after the Short Underland which sadly we are very unlikely to ever get, there is no way I could say no. However the confirmation that it’s Multicrew is a huge bonus, the thought of flying low level working as a team to get the tasking done in such an iconic aircraft will be a dream come true, especially in VR. I can honestly see it becoming my no 1 choice of WW2 aircraft to fly, despite owning them all. im sure you won’t regret joining the rest of us on
  13. Hi guys and gals, quick question as I’ve been stuck at work and not been able to even boot up pc let alone fly since this has come out, but has anyone tested SRS with Huey Multicrew yet? we normally use SRS for communication and to play radio stations that we can tune in on the FM radio, I’m just wondering IF I tune the FM radio in the Huey to the music stations, would everyone hear it through their headsets as we are all in the same aircraft, or would they need to do it individually using the SRS UI as they wouldn’t have their own aircraft radios to tune?
  14. Yep I bought a bravo throttle quadrant instead. As to using the hotas, sadly no I’ve no idea, unless you use combined controls, one axis for both left and right.
  15. Have to admit to a Rotorhead like myself, it doesn’t matter which turns up first. I’m buying them all anyway, I’ll be a fool to even deny that. But if I had to give an opinion, then I would guess we will likely see the Hind first, purely and simply by the fact it’s an in-house module, so it will have been able to take advantage of the Multicrew code while it was being developed for the Huey, I would guess 3rd party’s would only get access to the code once they know it works fine and has been shown to us all. Listening to Cosmo I get the impression the Kiowa is coming along, b
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