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  1. Thanks for all the reply’s everyone. It seems like the Hornet is the fav by most. So I’m gonna head for that first. At least until the harrier gets the bugs ironed out, I mean she’s gonna be perfect for the Falklands map right. However with the Mossie, Hind, Apache and the Kiowa on the way as well the choice is about to get even harder.
  2. Hi all, I own all the current modules in DCS, and I’ve been flying here since the days of Lock On. However it’s fair to say I’m a bloody useless pilot. Up to now I tend to jump from module to module, learning a bit of it, moving to another airframe, forgetting everything I’ve learnt, I starting again. Ive decided I want to fully learn a single module and become fairly competent in it. Now I do tend to prefer ground pounding, and the A10 is the only module I really feel competent in. So at mo I’m leaning towards either the F18, or Harrier. Just thought I
  3. Have to admit that while the Mossie was always a day 1 purchase for me, as it’s my favourite WW2 aircraft after the Short Underland which sadly we are very unlikely to ever get, there is no way I could say no. However the confirmation that it’s Multicrew is a huge bonus, the thought of flying low level working as a team to get the tasking done in such an iconic aircraft will be a dream come true, especially in VR. I can honestly see it becoming my no 1 choice of WW2 aircraft to fly, despite owning them all. im sure you won’t regret joining the rest of us on
  4. Hi guys and gals, quick question as I’ve been stuck at work and not been able to even boot up pc let alone fly since this has come out, but has anyone tested SRS with Huey Multicrew yet? we normally use SRS for communication and to play radio stations that we can tune in on the FM radio, I’m just wondering IF I tune the FM radio in the Huey to the music stations, would everyone hear it through their headsets as we are all in the same aircraft, or would they need to do it individually using the SRS UI as they wouldn’t have their own aircraft radios to tune?
  5. Yep I bought a bravo throttle quadrant instead. As to using the hotas, sadly no I’ve no idea, unless you use combined controls, one axis for both left and right.
  6. Have to admit to a Rotorhead like myself, it doesn’t matter which turns up first. I’m buying them all anyway, I’ll be a fool to even deny that. But if I had to give an opinion, then I would guess we will likely see the Hind first, purely and simply by the fact it’s an in-house module, so it will have been able to take advantage of the Multicrew code while it was being developed for the Huey, I would guess 3rd party’s would only get access to the code once they know it works fine and has been shown to us all. Listening to Cosmo I get the impression the Kiowa is coming along, b
  7. Go into mission editor, on the Huey you want to use, click far right button on bottom that gives you the extras like exhaust suppressor, there you will see a tab for. Pilot in command, just select anyone rather than right or left seat. that will allow you to just hand over control whenever you want. you both need to obviously program in a take over control button, mines Side mouse button, and then as soon as anyone presses that button they are flying the aircraft. the asking and confirming who has control is just RP and good practice so people don’t get confu
  8. So my first impressions after my first flight today in Multicrew and in VR of course. what can I say, after all these years of waiting but WOW, working together as a crew is truly a different experience, seeing your mate flick switches or have them monitoring the airspeed and altimeter while you’re landing in a confined space, while also at the same time having a mate in the back, counting you down and confirming the tail is clear or needs to come right or left is just a dream come true. Plus it’s the smaller things, like once you set up the pilot in command to all cre
  9. Just come here to post these very requests. I hope they pick up on them. VR in Multicrew is amazing but the gunner controls leave a lot to be desired. Let us look around independently from the gun in VR, so we can assist our pilots with sling loads, confined landings etc.
  10. Hi guys, is there anyway I can turn off the Weapon in the gunners seat following my head movement while using a VR headset. I would like to be able to look about and ONLY move the gun with the mouse or joystick. The weapon appears connected to my nose, and is rather disconcerting.
  11. True it was, BUT look at the state of the viper on release. It was rushed out far to early. personally I say let’s give them the time, no moaning, no pestering, no calls for release now when they show it off in vids. Let’s just sit back and wait, I have to agree I do expect 2 years ish myself. but so long as it’s done right, I don’t care.
  12. Day one purchase. NOW we have multi crew working in helos, that’s one big step already taken. Apache And Kiowa in DCS, pink teams are a go. I AM THE GREATEST
  13. So has anyone tried it yet, I’m still downloading the patch. does it work? is it any good? is it all we have dreamed it would be? im sure the answers are all positive, but come on guys, this wait is killing me.
  14. might have something to do that only steam users have the latest patch, the rest of the community is still waiting, so the open beta server is working on 2 versions at mo, so i guess might be getting rather confused. i would write off today and hopefully all will be sorted tomorrow
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