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  1. thank you very much for the kind welcome guys :) I'll just mess around with 1.5 for the time being then until 2.5 drops. I've probably played this 6 hours a day since I bought it about a week ago haha. I spend all day on youtube watching tutorials and learning new things. Getting a little more confident now, can land really well now which at first was a scrambling mess haha. Combat is coming along nicely now, or it is now I've realised that certain weapons have a minimum height requirement needed to drop :( spent ages in the one tutorial mission not understanding why, even though I was locked on, I would not get a Launch Approval. Game is a piece of art though, so so good. The wife bought me the T16000FCS HOTAS for Star Citizen at Christmas, it hasn't seen much space combat since lol.
  2. Hi guys, as title would suggest really, I'm pretty new to the franchise, bought myself alot of gear to fully enjoy this etc. Downloaded the free trial in steam with the 2 starter planes which I believe is running 1.5 at the moment. Sorry for noobness, Do i need to download the 2.0 alpha through the DCS site? Can I have both running together?
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