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  1. I agree! When I built my button box I wanted to utilize the rotaries because they are more flexible - vs the rotary dials. I think I can get by by binding each rotary to AAP Steerpoint Selector Knob: Flight Plan/Mission vs CW/CCW etc.. I'll be missing a few bindings but can probably make it work.
  2. Has anyone had any luck, or would it even be possible to add bindings in the A-10C2 for: AAP Steerpoint Selector Knob CW & CCW AAP CDU Selector Knob CW & CCW CMS Mode Selector CW & CCW I'd like to use rotary encoders to be able to switch between the respective modes, but don't see a binding or a way in clickable data to enable that functionality? thanks!
  3. No problem.. Thanks for looking! I was definitely scratching my head on this one and like a good student, I wanted to show the teacher my work... LOL.. OK, swapping that switch back to an On/Off/On as I'm encountering many modules that seem to require that functionality for canopy controls.
  4. I've got another one that's stumping me right now for the FW-190A8. I've recently updated my button box and the canopy is only an on/off switch. I'm trying to get the switch to close the canopy when pressed, and open the canopy when "un-pressed". I haven't seen these before. This is what I'm trying but it doesn't seem to work. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks! {pressed = device_commands.Button_2, released = device_commands.Button_2, cockpit_device_id = devices.CPT_MECH, value_pressed = 1.0, value_released = -1.0, name = _('Canopy Closing else Opening'), category = _('Systems')},
  5. You can create the folder with the directory structure as outlined and DCS will see the mod = no problem
  6. @imacken, Thanks again for this excellent tutorial. I've done all the steps with the exception of the routine outlined above. Do you have any screenshots of where you adjusted these values quoted above? Thanks!
  7. Yes @imacken great piece of kit!...my CM3 throttle arrived yesterday and I've been absolutely thrilled with it...I've had a virpil stick and base for a few years but I really underestimated how much I would absolutely love this throttle.. been on the warthog throttle for over 3 years and was wondering and worrying about having the right keybinding options but can't believe what a leap ahead this is over the warthog..Thanks for the detailed tutorial as it was smooth sailing getting everything configured...man oh man loving this throttle!
  8. @LeCuvier I'm back with another question... I recently swapped out my warthog throttle for a virpil, but I want to maintain the 3 position flap functionality found on the warthog. To do this, I've added a button box on the side of the throttle with a 3 position switch, but I notice in the joystick default lua there isn't a middle flap position defined, so the normal tricks you've taught me don't work I took a look at the clickable data and the device IDs and took a stab at it with no luck. Can this be done? {down = 3002, up = 3002, cockpit_device_id = 39 , value_down = 1, valu
  9. @uboatsthanks for working with f410 on the JF-17 simshaker support... The Jeff feels alive now!!
  10. Glad you like it!! Yeah there's only a set number of commands adding more specific commands won't do any good because the code in the game wouldn't call them...
  11. Love the new JF-17 effects in beta!! Jet feels alive!! Thanks @f410
  12. thanks.. Everything work out ok?
  13. Does anyone have the rough measurements for the throttle length and width? Just sorting my mounting space requirements before it arrives. Tried a quick google search with no luck.. thanks!
  14. thanks @imacken! I'm pretty sure I'll need to read this a few times when i finally get my throttle but so far, so good for helping me understand.. cheers Something that is a bit confusing for me.. For the modifier - is that another button binding you are holding down as you move the throttles forward or is there another way to do that? scratching my head... thanks!
  15. @f4l0 looking forward to trying the new JF-17 effect.. What is the Frame Rate Limiter for - and How can I test/provide feedback on it?
  16. @uboatsthank you so much for that speedy response and thank you for the additional key bindings in the latest open beta update!!
  17. @LeCuvier They recently added light bindings for the JF-17 for Flood/Console/Inst/ in two places: I've tried to tweak the third value like I did on the other modules, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. Perhaps there's something different about how these are coded? -- Flood light direction elements["PNT_965"] = default_axis_limited(_(cmd_names.PNT_965), devices.LIGHTS, click_cmds.PNT_965, 965, 0, 0.3, true, nil, {{0,1.0},{0,1.0}}) elements["PNT_966"] = default_axis_limited(_(cmd_names.PNT_966), devices.LIGHTS, click_cmds.PNT_966, 966, 0, 0.3, true, nil, {{0,1.0},{0,1.0}}) ele
  18. copy, thanks for the clarification.. Looking forward to your post when you get around to it!
  19. @imacken - looking forward to your post! I understand we don't need to do virtual detents on the CM3, since we get actual physical detents.. I guess to clarify... why setup two separate button presses: one for idle, and another for off? On my Warthog, I just have the one button press on each throttle arm for Off/Idle and that seems to work fine. Thanks for clarifying.. Regarding the three way switches, I like your workaround of just mapping alt/path since those are what I primarily use anyway... I also agree, I don't want to move the physical AB detent each time, but would rather set
  20. I posted this over at the HOTAS /s and didn't have a ton of answers so reposting here since it's very DCS specific... I think I have a plan for most of the mappings but I still have a few things that aren't clear... The specific questions I have are as follows..if you guys could chime in please do! 3 position switches: on the CM3 the three position switches spring to center... how does that work for warthog autopilot button: path /altitude/hdg&altitude that need to stay in their respective positions?..I'm assuming this can be tweaked in virpil software but how
  21. Very cool...do you have any interest in making an F-20 tiger shark skin ... Would love to have one but I lack the skills!! Downloading this one for sure! Thanks!
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