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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong place, but this is a great presentation on the F14 design evolution by Mike Ciminera, Northrop Grumman VP.
  2. Bignewy, Thank you. That thread has a ton of great info. Buddha11
  3. Hi, I bought the Huey via the steam store and it downloaded ok. When I open DCS, I get the screenshot below saying I have to activate the product using the serial number. Where do I get the serial number from? If I press exit or close the box, it pops up again for three time in total, and then DCS starts normally. If I try to run the Huey, nothing seems to work as I assume I have not entered the serial number? Any idea what I should do? I bought the F5E and that works just fine and I never received these pop up boxes. Thx Jerry
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