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  1. +1 for VR users. Pilot 3D body in the 3D cockpit should be a priority.
  2. Practice, practice and practice, no secret. Manage your joystick's curve as well should help. Try VR if you can. I could not get a proper refuel before VR (not more than 10 seconds) and now VR give me more feeling and now I can do it.
  3. Still better that what we have now? I don't like how numbers/indications are pronounced on DCS right now like that all is "disconnected". Not fluent. English isn't my natural language so maybe I don't notice all the imperfection. But to me, it's better than what we have right now. For now, the best I have seen so far, but again, perfection is what we have in the ATC of the last commercial SIM released in 2020. (Don't know if I can say the name?)
  4. Hello Do we have some statistics regarding the sales and users of the F-16C vs F/A-18C? I wonder who is the most popular in terms of use and sales here. I try a poll but it may not represent the ED's sales on it. In real life: 1 480 F/A-18C has been built vs more that 4500 F-16C Vipers. Does this represent the ratio of user here?
  5. Ha yes sorry, Forrestal that's right. So +1 for USS Enterprise !
  6. For me it's the F-14. We don't have a nice visibility due some parts of the canopy and lake of engine instantaneous reaction. No issue with the M2000C. It's simply a bit too sensitive for me but with practice, it's ok. F-16C not hard at all. Just have to have a precision control and be able to really stay on formation bellow the tanker. Never tried the F-15.
  7. This class of carrier isn't on the road from Heatblur's team ? Hope they'll be able to add the crew deck like SuperCarrier.
  8. I love the idea to have some "IA Auto actions" for some cases like refueling, landing on carrier or ground, for those who don't want or don't have yet the level for this. I personally don't need that but some of my friends can't manage to refuel. So why not. For MAC, this is something you need to think about. (and for DCS as well)
  9. Wow that is impressive. Id like to see that on DCS...
  10. +1 for this ! Nice idea ! (and for all modules)
  11. the OP said yes and ask for an un-monetize youtube's videos from ED. I think (hope) he checks that before complains here.
  12. Hello, It's possible to have this screen in high resolution please ? Thanks
  13. ads on youtube is not an issue. It's fare and normal to pay for somthing when watching a video. YT premium is too expensive and it's okay for me to watch sometime some ads on youtube to help (ED is that case). They will ear more money and they will make more addons
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