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  1. Your RAM and graphics card are good. CPU is a little old though. What storage are you running on? I run a 1070ti at 1440p and that's perfectly good with pretty high graphics settings. But my CPU is fairly new although I have a 7700k @ 4.5GHz before that which was also fine.
  2. Apparently the US is building a divert airfield on Tinian as a satellite airfield for Guam. Will this be in the map, I wonder? https://www.saipantribune.com/index.php/torres-says-investors-are-now-expanding-to-tinian/ The lease was signed last year so ED may be aware already, but it seems that the Marianas are becoming increasingly important in the US Pacific strategy.
  3. What happens if you press ALT + ENTER (toggles full screen). Try it a few times.
  4. Ooh interesting! What other work is being done at the moment? Any chance of bombs being added to the JU-88?
  5. Wow, what an OP. Where do I start. With the easy thing I reckon - engine management. You are wrong about it. Thankfully, it's easy to manage and very forgiving. Just don't stall (a pilot responsibility, bien sur). Now I did believe, before I started flying the Spit, that engine management would be very difficult because of what people had posted. Once I'd got some flying time under my belt I realised my misconceptions were just that. You don't need to keep watching the dials once you understand the relationship between RPM, boost, oil temp, water temp, and air speed. Instead experience will t
  6. I created this mission template to use it as a starting point for other Allied missions by placing historically deployed AA defences at Luftwaffe airfields. Please note that you need to edit this mission to get the best out of it. I have included Allied A-20 bombers to attack Saint Omer airfield, German fighters to intercept and a playable Spitfire slot + wingmen as a starting point but I am not an accomplished mission editor. This mission is intended to give you the historical air defences so you can create cool missions on top of it. I have also added in lightweight defences to the Fre
  7. That's very clever, thank you! It works very nicely. I downloaded the mod to change the coalition in the ME and added Germany to a mission, added a trigger zone and bob's yer uncle. They do shine, although don't seem to track at the moment. Seems to be the case even if added as Third Reich and in Normandy and the Channel map. Maybe they are bugged. Update - All tracking now thanks to some help from philstyle. I hadn't made the searchlights and generators part of the same groups.
  8. V0.2 is now available. Change log: Additional HAA sites at Hythe, Folkestone, Deal, Manston. All placed using OS grid references from historical records so should be very accurate. All Allied airfields have LAA defences - these are not historically placed on the airfield and I've chosen 3 guns as a starting point. LAA defences added to ports (Dover already had them). Additional ships / boats at Ramsgate, Folkestone, Eastbourne, Chatham. Barrage balloons added to ports (Dover already had them). Not historically accurate due to lacking records. Cows! Cows have been placed where one might
  9. Hey all, the file is now available for download at the link in the post. Within 2 weeks, for v0.2, I will: - add the HAA batteries in Deal, Manston and Lympne. - add some LAA batteries to airfields for local air defence. - add LAA batteries and some ships to other ports. - tweak unit placement for trees or terrain. - add DCS: Cows I've had real trouble finding any pictures of the port of Dover with barrage balloons. It's almost as if people were discouraged from taking photos of major military installations during wartime in case they were shot as spies... :music_whistling: If you s
  10. Hi all, I created this mission (it's more of a template) to use it as a starting point for other missions by placing as many of the historically deployed Heavy AA batteries around Dover as possible. Please note that you need to edit this mission to make it playable. There are some German fighters and bombers included but they are there to show how the defences react (it's quite fun to watch them fly in and get shot at). There is no scripting in this mission. Included: Heavy Anti-Aircraft (HAA) sites - placed using historical records. I estimate about 90% of the sites are represented and
  11. Having just purchased The Channel map I've been busy creating a mission containing the AA defences around Dover, and I realised that although the Germans have searchlights, I couldn't place searchlights for the British defenders. So can we have one please? If anyone knows how to make a German searchlight unit defect to the allied side as an interim measure please let me know.
  12. The JU-88 guns also fire after they've bailed out.
  13. Wow! This is fantastic work. I was always a little disappointed that ED didn't include a more familar skin for the JU-88. I like the maritime scheme but wanted something that looked a better fit for high level bombing missions. Your work is excellent and I hope you'll make the template available too. That would be excellent.
  14. That's professional quality right there. Simply superb!
  15. Hi Mateo, I am sorry to say that your hardware is outdated. Your CPU is 6 years old and my non-overclocked 7700k from 2017 was 60% faster on a single core (DCS is single core speed dependent). Your GPU has a very low 3D mark score of 1657. Compare that to a old but decent (but not high end card) like the 1070ti with a score of 14043. That's a huge difference. Now, you can compare changes in DCS engine performance and that's fair enough from a pure FPS perspective when comparing versions. But the fact is that you're trying to play a newer, demanding game engine on kit that isn't designed
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