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  1. Having the ability to individually set cockpit textures and external model textures would be a godsend for VR users on 8GB or less GPUs. Currently the difference in VRAM usage is pretty significant between Low and High, especially on heavily populated servers with a bunch of different types of aircraft. For heavily populated servers, I tend to set Textures to Low to avoid choking my VRAM, but the tradeoff is incredibly blurry cockpit labels. See below: So my suggestion is to break Textures into two separate options: Textures (Cockpit) Textures (Externa
  2. Confirmed the above suggestion from Wisky corrects this. Plus the 2nd suggestion allows me to bind these to my HOTAS, which is fantastic to have
  3. Currently it is not possible to change the APKWS Laser Code. Even with the engine off cold start, the 1xxx values don't change. See testcase below: Testcase: Launch Instant Action Cold and Dark Bring up Kneeboard (Right Shift + K) Try changing APKWS Laser Code (LS + LA + 1/2/3) Expected: 1xxx should change Actual: No changes
  4. It's really nice having a dedicated TPOD Video Zoom In/Out binding available, but currently it is difficult to use for large changes in zoom. Holding TPOD Video Zoom In/Out only activates the zoom change once, requiring the user to repeatedly press in order to continue zooming in or out. A workaround to this is to simply bind the OSB button for the same zoom function and holding the binding works like I would expect - holding the button continuously zooms in/out while it is being pressed
  5. I mean, sure, if you want to believe it's a placebo then go for it. I absolutely have smoother tracking within the VR headset with the new hotfix. If it's a placebo effect... then I guess I'm happy regardless lol. All I know is that my stuttering was so bad that I couldn't even use Oculus Mirror + image stabilization for recording gameplay because the recording was unwatchable. With the hotfix, image stabilization works EXTREMELY well. This observation is absolutely not a placebo, and is a result I'm incredibly happy with.
  6. Yeah definitely, it's super helpful in my case so thanks very much for posting the link to the hotfix. I hope it'll help Yoyo's case as long as fpsVR is turned off.
  7. Yeah sorry about that, just reading it like that sounds like it's simply pointing out a problem exists. Almost like a "no, duh" reaction right lol As far as I know, Nvidia has addressed the stuttering issue when no monitoring tools are being used, and a future fix will be made when using monitoring tools.
  8. Also worth mentioning that turning off fpsVR has helped the people in this thread:
  9. [Steam VR game]: Stuttering and lagging occur upon launching a game (Without using any Hardware monitoring tool). [3152190] It specifically mentions "Without using any hardware monitoring tool" because there's still issues when using one. Try turning off any sort of hardware monitor (ie. FpsVR, afterburner, etc) then see if your experience feels smoother
  10. I just wanted to add that I'm seeing this issue as well. After crashing/ejecting, my VR frame rate goes from 45 to 24. I dunno if this helps at all, but the following are my specs: 2070 Super 8GB 64GB DDR4 3600 M.2 SSD Intel Core i9 9900 People have said that alt-tab into Task Manager (and only task manager?) will sometimes get rid of the issue. I haven't had success with this myself, but I've read at least two confirmed cases where it has worked. See this reddit thread:
  11. I have the same issue, but there's a couple workarounds you can try and see if they work out better for you: Use mouse option. Basically, instead of having the mouse tied to the center of your vision, it'll be moveable using an actual mouse. The downside is you'll need a mouse on hand while in VR, but this isn't ideal for my setup. I don't use this workaround. Re-center VR position towards and looking away from desired console. Basically, you lean towards the console you want to click, look away from it, re-center, and now it should be way easier to access with your head-boun
  12. Will there be a way to set target coordinates directly from the TPOD? Or will we have to read the coordinates from the TPOD display and manually enter into the CAS page?
  13. Fantastic news about the Harrier changes. The idea of not having to WINC long for every JDAM release is going to be so much better! Now... for the real question... Harrier II+ when? :P Also, I'm a QA Engineer for my day to day job, so if you would like any testing assistance (especially if it involves the plus), let me know and I'll do my best.
  14. For anyone curious or adventurous, here's an XBox Controller bindings layout for the A-10C. Give it a shot if you're up for the challenge:
  15. Hey all, here's a video I put together in an attempt to address one of the bigger problems with DCS - the HOTAS barrier to entry. We all know it's generally believed that a good DCS pilot needs to have a proper HOTAS system, but this preconceived notion could drive a lot of potential DCS players away the moment they realize they'll be spending literally hundreds of dollars in a "free" game. I'm hoping that with this tutorial video, it will break through the hardware barrier and allow even more people access to this notoriously inaccessible game/simulator. Let me know what you think and I'
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