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  1. I just wanted to add that I'm seeing this issue as well. After crashing/ejecting, my VR frame rate goes from 45 to 24. I dunno if this helps at all, but the following are my specs: 2070 Super 8GB 64GB DDR4 3600 M.2 SSD Intel Core i9 9900 People have said that alt-tab into Task Manager (and only task manager?) will sometimes get rid of the issue. I haven't had success with this myself, but I've read at least two confirmed cases where it has worked. See this reddit thread:
  2. I have the same issue, but there's a couple workarounds you can try and see if they work out better for you: Use mouse option. Basically, instead of having the mouse tied to the center of your vision, it'll be moveable using an actual mouse. The downside is you'll need a mouse on hand while in VR, but this isn't ideal for my setup. I don't use this workaround. Re-center VR position towards and looking away from desired console. Basically, you lean towards the console you want to click, look away from it, re-center, and now it should be way easier to access with your head-boun
  3. Will there be a way to set target coordinates directly from the TPOD? Or will we have to read the coordinates from the TPOD display and manually enter into the CAS page?
  4. Fantastic news about the Harrier changes. The idea of not having to WINC long for every JDAM release is going to be so much better! Now... for the real question... Harrier II+ when? :P Also, I'm a QA Engineer for my day to day job, so if you would like any testing assistance (especially if it involves the plus), let me know and I'll do my best.
  5. For anyone curious or adventurous, here's an XBox Controller bindings layout for the A-10C. Give it a shot if you're up for the challenge:
  6. Hey all, here's a video I put together in an attempt to address one of the bigger problems with DCS - the HOTAS barrier to entry. We all know it's generally believed that a good DCS pilot needs to have a proper HOTAS system, but this preconceived notion could drive a lot of potential DCS players away the moment they realize they'll be spending literally hundreds of dollars in a "free" game. I'm hoping that with this tutorial video, it will break through the hardware barrier and allow even more people access to this notoriously inaccessible game/simulator. Let me know what you think and I'
  7. Hmm, I don't think there's a way to not snap back to center for the shift camera options. The only way you'll be able to prevent the snap-back is to put a modifier to the axis binding, hold the modifier and shift the camera, then let go of the modifier. Your camera position will stick in place from there as long as you don't press the modifier and manipulate the axis again.
  8. Lol thanks for the high praise man, just looking out for the new guys so they don't feel it's impossible to get into DCS. It's complicated enough as is, so removing this one hurdle is a step in the right direction. I intend to make additional gameplay videos using just an Xbox controller to demonstrate what can really be done with enough practice
  9. You should be able to bind the lateral/vertical/etc camera movements just fine to an axis, but I don't think you're going to need anything more than the left/right movements. If you want to see the instruments a bit better, it's best to just bind the zoom axis - this is covered in the video posted above. I'd highly recommend basing your layout on the video, then develop your own setup from there as you get used to it.
  10. In my journey to research which aircraft are adequately usable with only an Xbox One controller, I thought I'd shoot straight for the most complicated FC3 aircraft and work my way down. Turns out... it's fully capable of: - Carrier Ops - Air-to-air Refueling - Ground attack - BVR (EO, RWS/TWS, Freq select, radar elevation) - Dogfighting (also helmet mounted site) And all this strictly using only the gamepad, with the exception of radio calls to contact tanker.
  11. After thinking about what kind of video to do next, I realized that there was very little discussion about probably one of the most important topics related to DCS - how can we get more people passed such an expensive barrier to entry? Not all of us can afford things like TM Warthogs, or even x52 HOTAS devices. Instead, most probably only have access to a simple gamepad like an Xbox One controller. In this video, I decided to step through all the different controls needed to perform the basic functionalities in the free SU-25T and map them all to just a simple Xbox One controller. This will
  12. I just wanted to post that I uploaded a P-51D Mustang mission to the user files section. See the link below: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3308187/ The premise of the mission is that you've been contacted by some government official about taking part in a Top Secret mission. You haven't been given any other details, so in order to begin you must first take off. Once you're airborne and en route, you'll be briefed on the situation. The mission itself is deceptively difficult. You will be tasked with striking a target using whatever weapons you wish; however, i
  13. Thanks Zeus - that's fantastic info! I was assuming GPS guided munitions were the end-all to any other form of guided munition with dime-sized precision... but I guess that's what media would have had me to believe. I didn't once consider browsing through the wiki page for JDAMs, but everything lines up with what you said. Thanks!
  14. Hey all, Since I've been using the GBU-38 lately, its inconsistency during regular gameplay was driving me crazy. At some points it was hitting my target square in the teeth, but at other points it misses by at least 10 feet. I finally decided enough was enough and decided to run a test with multiple % 5 times each at the same speed/altitude. Below are my results against a T-90 armored unit: Launch Acceptable Range Percentage: 100 Destroyed, accurate Missed, right 3/4 T-90 length Missed, right/short 1/2 T-90 length Destroyed, left 1/4 T-90 length Destroyed, left 1/2 T-90 length
  15. Hi all, I was browsing through the post history here and the latest info I could find with my attempts was from late 2017. Do we by chance have any more recent info on whether we'll be getting the Harrier II+? Is RAZBAM still waiting on the AG radar to be implemented by ED before working on this?
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