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  1. i can help with this if Aviodev/Aerges add to the model
  2. Hi i have a question for Vivora from developer team of Aviodev/Aerges: why the amazing C-101 module dont have exterior Normal map? i think it would be a great adittion to see details like rivets and screws in exterior 3d model, this would give a major update to the exterior appearance of the model. I can help to create the normal map with absolute detail, I have a lot of experience creating complete skins, you can see some examples here Thanks.
  3. hi @BIGNEWY no, i have no track and im not using any shader mod, this its bug, when you fly in night condition in vr if you move the head outside of the cockpit or near de canopy plexiglass the flood light pass throught the cokpit walls, also de IFEI light still on when de APU turn off. Its easy to reproduce in night conditions, i understand the argument that the track facilitates the investigation but I do not have it, thanks.
  4. really ED you need track/replay file? is not enough with the pictures i attach?
  5. and in the night in NITE mode de LEFT flood light still ON and its annoying with night vision googles, also the FLOOD light pass through the walls of cockpit and illuminate the LERX please ED fix this
  6. I can't get the Hook bypass Switch and LAUNCH BAR Retract Extend switch to work correctly, can someone help me? maybe sharing the default.lua with only the modified lines for this switches so i can paste them in my default.lua? im using winwing Take off panel and combat ready panel. thanks! please can you help me with these switches? thanks buddy
  7. if that's true why the JF-17 has it implemented and the hornet hasn't? or because the vapor effects were created in the hornet first and implemented in the rest of the modules like MIg-29 Fulcrum some time later? it's not an effect of the DCS core...
  8. Please can you do any turotial for this? thnks budd
  9. Please WINWING any tutorial? i can't make this to work with Vjoy and SimApp Pro... help!
  10. I have thrown in the towel with ED and his beloved "early access" this started being something exciting with the exit of the hornet, or when they implemented the change of the edge 2.0 lighting engine... good times... but seeing how they are doing things every day they get my frustration level to rise with every update, predicted a bad end doing things as they have done until now. probably a few fanboys will jump to defend this incomprehensible attitude so good luck with that, I'm fed up and if nobody says it clearly I think it's time to complain ED wake up!
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