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  1. Telling the GHub S/W not to load at start up seems to be the answer for me until this gets fixed. This way I can still utilize the pedals as rudders and fire up GHub when I want to play AC. it’s an extra unnecessary step, but it will work for now. UPDATE: I discovered last night that as long as I have load at startup disabled on GHub, I can start the GHub s/w manually and DCS will still work.
  2. Problem persists after today’s DCS update.
  3. I have zero experience in dissecting these logs, but the only difference I see is that when G Hub is uninstalled it fails the steering wheel centering test, loads the guidFFDriver and moves on. When it’s installed it looks like it finds what I’m assuming is the force feedback driver, (guidFFDriver), but doesn’t test the wheel. After that it seems to hang. I have no idea if this is normal behavior or if it should run the test after it finds the driver.
  4. Ok, here is my log with Logitech G Hub software uninstalled. dcs.log
  5. Let me uninstall tomorrow when I get some time and I’ll post the log.
  6. The Ghub Software had an update applied today. Still having the same issue. I've attached my DCS.log. dcs.log
  7. The one thing that concerns me with going AMD is that the G2 doesn’t play nice with the X570 chipset. I think there may have been a bios update to patch the issue from some mobo manufacturers, but even so, the G2 is a finicky piece of hardware and I’ve already been at my wits end with it in the few months I’ve had it in hand. I’ll have to do my due diligence if I do decide to go down that road, to ensure that I can avoid that problem in its entirety.
  8. As the title implies, I’ve finally acquired a 3080, so now I’m ready to start my new build. Just curious if anyone has any suggestions on a CPU for DCS? I play DCS, FS2020, and Assetto Corsa with a Reverb G2, so VR performance is what I’m aiming for here. I’d also like to future proof somewhat for DCS and be able to utilize Vulkan at an optimal performance level, if that ever happens. Any opinions on AMD vs. Intel for DCS future proofing? I’m thinking either a 5800x or a 10700k right now, any opinions, or better yet facts, would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Have any of you with this issue tried removing the Logitech G Software? I had the same issue, and it went away when I uninstalled it, returned when I reinstalled.
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