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  1. Is there a way to add a radio message, so one radio on the F10 option can have two out comes. IE: have a button called ROE. want the option to state DO NOT ENGAGE. But once a plane enters a trigger zone, the same F10 option ROE now says CLEARED TO ENGAGE?
  2. If you use Voice Attack, just add 3 key binding in DCS to OSB 3 ®, OSB 2 (T), OSB 15 (Y) the lettrs in () are the key bindings I used. When you say the command I use CENTER. The TGP goes back to snow plow or bore-sight mode. And you get to keep your hands on the HOTAS....Works great
  3. trying to export the RWR, CMSC, CMSP. I had them exported with the A-10C, but with the new A-10CII they wont export any ideas?
  4. TGP boresight how to bring the tgp back to center. like in the A10C which is china hat aft short?
  5. [CORRECT AS IS] TGP boresight I seem to not be able to recenter my tgp, it use to be chin hat aft. but now it seems to be laser search. anyone else having that issue?
  6. Just bought the P47 and it looks like when I drop bombs they are not armed, there in no explosion just a white puff off dust....
  7. does anyone know where the SC flight deck crew file is located in DCS
  8. very nice how do you install this mod? or where?
  9. yeldraw1


    did you get it to work?
  10. aspect Have you figured a way around this? cause Im having the same issue
  11. With the new update, I cant change my aspect ratio in the setting. I run 4 monitors. The cockpit is wide and the outside view is stretched. Game play seems fine. just doesnt look right. I can switch to single monitor and everything looks good. Before the update, I could change the aspect ratio. Now no matter the number put into the settings nothing changes.... Below is my setup Has anyone else seen this....
  12. With the new up date aspect ratio is off in setting cockpit and aircraft look very wide...
  13. Awesome thanks Question, how do I get the dcs generic interface? When trying to load it, says can not find it? I have Helios ver 1.4.2019.1005 but dont have KA50 interface.. I do have DCS black shark but it wont use it.
  14. Has anyone noticed that GBU-38 dont hit targets? I was on a server and me and another A-10 pilot had the same issue. Been flying the hog now for at least 6 yrs now so I am pretty sure I know how to employ the weapon and system..... that is unless something has changed....
  15. going to make aa A10 UFC and want to know how or a easy way to wire up a Master caution light. Going to be using a LEO BODNAR PCB BBI-32 Button Box Interface
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