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  1. Yes, but this way of describing it makes it seem a bit silly. In reality, ground crews DID conduct the warm-up of aircraft, before the pilots walked/ drove out to the flight line. This was done especially for aircraft which needed to be at high states of readiness, or were to be used on dawn sorties. The warmups would often happen before sunrise. Then engines would then be shut down until the pilot arrived. It would take quite some time for the aircraft too fully cool back down again. The pilot would then do all the safety/ pre-flight checks before starting the engine. This is th
  2. Is there any way of preventing players from team-swapping within a specified time frame - ideally WITHOUT needed a trigger for every single player slot in a mission?
  3. AMD by any chance? There have been big issues with AMD mobo/chipsets and USB recently - not DCS specific.
  4. should we have removed the line from the autoexec.cfg file now? We are seeing weird aircraft behavior on SoW now since the patch which we did NOT see when then extrapolator was active before the patch. Is having it in the autoexec AND enabled by default a problem?
  5. I'm often wishing I had a flashlight in the warbirds. Yes, please.
  6. My experience from manning the AA guns online (using combined arms, on Storm of War server) is that as a player I can be far more accurate than the AI is. Aircraft are really not that hard to track if they attempt multiple passes over a ground target. Despite the howls of displeasure about the AA being too tough, in my opinion the AI gunners on the ground are not as smart or accurate as a human player. I've seen how the AI set up for attacks on bombers. They fly straight and level at the bomber's 6 O'clock at moderate speeds. No jinking, no evasive maneuvers - just target presenta
  7. This just highlights the problem with contracting this kind of work without the requirement for ongoing maintenance and improvement. There was one major update that happened a couple of years back which pretty much saved DCS WW2 at the time. A few more efforts like that could make this product properly competitive. There are so many issues still with the Normandy map. If only the same level of fidelity was put into this map that is put into the modern jet-related modules we'd be golden. Would that a team of customers could be put together and given access to this map.. a whole load of
  8. Coming up 11 months on this ugly prop texturing now ED . . . It makes screenshots etc (you know, good for sales) pretty ugly. . .
  9. Not unless you know how many fighters got within firing range of the B17s. If a total of 40 fighters got to the B17s, and 20 got shot down that's a 50% kill rate., i.e. half of all the fighters that could have been shot down, were. If 400 fighters got withing firing range, and 20 were lost, that's a very different statistical story. As it was, a total of around 350 to 400 fighters were sent up to intercept Schweinfurt-Regesnburg II. Around 25 were lost. But there is no information regarding how many interceptors actually made contact with the bombers. If anything the massive over
  10. Would it be possible for the dissipation time for the WW2 flak bursts to be increased to around 10 seconds? Players currently have some trouble identifying when they are being bracketed by flak due to how fast the flak bursts disappear. Real life bursts hung in the air for at least 7 seconds (the historical film is cut short, so it would be longer) In DCS the bursts last only 3 seconds. This would be a big help for WW2 mission maker as it is partly responsible for some of the flak-related complaints.
  11. Players reporting tracers and flak bursts just hanging in mid air since the extrapolator was added to storm of war. I only have a screenshot for now, no trk or video.
  12. Storm of War will add this today. We will report back any observations.
  13. Any chance the internal fix made it into the hotpatch today? no mention of it in the notes. . . .
  14. Your images make it looks fine to me - in fact until I read you text I thought you were trying to prove that it was OK based n the images alone. Blast damage on vehicles around 25 to 30m. Infantry 50m+ A 2nd bomb would have completely destroyed most of the close in vehicles. All the ones that were at half health bar. Mosquito looks like it will be VERY effective.
  15. Information on how the Campaign Ribbons work on SoW Stats pages: https://stormofwar.net/2021/01/29/january-2021-campaign-ribbons-explained/
  16. 3.5 years and counting on this bug report. Surely some kind of record?
  17. Just watched your video a couple of times. The DCS spitfire absolutely will snap-roll. You just have to add in some aileron to assists the roll. The modern "stunt" method for snap rolling in stunt aircraft (i.e. no aileron) doesn't work with the spitfire's wings. It needs a touch of aileron to help it around at the beginning. But it WILL snap roll. Furthermore, the amount of power you have on will dictate the duration and recovery. Lower power will often get you two snap rolls in quick succession. High power and good airspeed generally means you can and almost always will, roll once and
  18. Which would affect other things like contrail altitude . . . no thanks.
  19. That applies to only a few modules. Engine pre-warming would apply to all.
  20. Any update on this? Was reported more than 6 months ago, and this problem persists.
  21. yes please. adding level bombing capability to the AI JU88 would make a big difference.
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