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  1. Any update on this? Was reported more than 6 months ago, and this problem persists.
  2. yes please. adding level bombing capability to the AI JU88 would make a big difference.
  3. I also fly the Dora above continuous limits constantly and do not get the failures.. it just drinks the fuel really fast! I suspect that ED have a value inverted somewhere. Flying within the limits breaks the aircraft, flying outside the limits is problem free. It's probably as simple as a "-" or a 1/n some where that is missing in the code. . . damned near impossible to find though!
  4. If you watch a few people who fly the war-birds regularly you'll see that, if piloted properly with skill and care, they handle just fine. If you find the 109 unstable (wobbling around when you're lining up a shot), it's either not being flown correctly or your control setup is optimized. If flown within limits, and kept in coordinated flight, the 109 is a rock solid gun platform.
  5. There isn't a schedule. If there was, interceptor players would just bee-line it for the spawn location and get there before escorts can organize. You just have to wait for a notification and escort request to pop up.
  6. Hey Maverickshaka, Will the above work if I only have the user's UCID and NICKNAME but I do not know their IP address? Should I just leave random numbers for the IP?
  7. Is there a script out there I can run which would force a player to stick with a team for a specified amount of time before they can swap sides? I've been directed to CiriBob's "simple slot blocking" script but I don't see how that achieves what I am after....
  8. Many players have reported B17s (and possible the other AI bombers) can turn into "zombies" after a certain time. At this point the aircraft will circle/ fly indefinitely and becomes impossible to bring down -even after the crew has bailed out and despite an7y number of fires and even with all four engines stopped. Here is a TRK file which shows this happening: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IhAwZShev5OpQNI7pdoQQKRAOw6DHwlA/view?usp=sharing
  9. Можем ли мы иметь возможность в редакторе Mission-Editor, чтобы самолеты с проигрывателем запускались на земле с предварительным нагревом, но двигатели отключались/выключались, пожалуйста? Совсем не исторически, чтобы эти боевые самолеты были в невооруженном воздухе, когда в них садились пилоты. Это может не иметь значения для реактивных самолетов, но для поршневых пташек очень важно, чтобы мы могли быстро подняться в воздух, чтобы ответить на угрозы.
  10. Can we have an option in the ME to have aircraft spawn on the ground pre-warmed, but engines shut-down/ off please? It's not at all historical for these combat aircraft to have been OAT cold when the pilots got into them. It might not matter for the jets, but for the piston-prop warbirds it's pretty critical that we can get airborne quickly to respond to threats. Now that the new DM limits are impacting engines so much, it is becoming even more noticeable that people are sitting in their cockpits waiting for unnecessarily long warm ups that ground crews would have done before the p
  11. Definitely a G variant. JG27 for example. Their aircraft stocks are G variants for almost the entirety of 1944. The K arrives in November and they have mixed stocks of Gs and Ks until March 1945 at which point they start to only report Ks http://www.ww2.dk/air/jagd/jg27.htm JG3, als in France, don't get their K4s until January 1945, and they fly a mix of Gs and Ks until the war's end http://www.ww2.dk/air/jagd/jg3.htm JG1 in northern france/ belgium/ holland are equipped with 109 Gs well into 1945 http://www.ww2.dk/air/jagd/jg1.htm Similar story in n
  12. So, I've been through the server settings this morning. I see no reference to trimmer or auto trimmer in any of the config settings. The auto-rudders are enabled in module specific settings and there are no aircraft modules installed on the server. So it's not that either. The only remaining possibility is that somehow the auto-rudder or auto-trimmer is being inserted into the mission files themselves, rather than the server settings. It will take more time to work out what might be going on with this.
  13. It's not supposed to be on. But I will check/ confirm tomorrow when the server comes down for new year refresh. thanks!
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