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  1. Where is the file??? SinandGrin, I was interested in the thumbnail print thinking it could be customized to my rendition of the DCS A10C profile but clicking on the "here" pointer it went nowhere. Is it still posted somewhere I can access?
  2. How do you get an 8-way POV in the TARGET GUI setup After frustrations with an aging Saitek X55 PRO I bequeathed it to my grandson and blew $400 on a Thrustnmaster Warthog HOTAS. So far, the gain in control stability has been worth the wallet drain. However, with the limited hours I have gaming I have been having difficulty getting a profile set up that satisfies needs. I am concentrating on the P51 Mustang in DCS, can't justify TRACKIR yet, and some how have lost a couple of lengthy profiles setup in DCS. So I started toying with TARGET since I used Saitek's SST software for some time gen
  3. New TM Warthog HOTAS Joystick: 61668 Throttle: 61826 USA NH
  4. Been all over the forums and videos between "practice, practice, practice" and have made puny progress in getting to a sometimes reasonable touchdown. Most of the time it ends shortly thereafter skidding sideways even after pulling back the stick to lock wheels. But mostly, getting over the runway straight at glide speed without bouncing the landing gear awry is the biggest issue. Just more time needed (without the "War Department" feeling neglected) I expect. I've never actually flown except to take controls of friends' crafts during flight a few times which I enjoyed immensely. I get the
  5. HiJack, thanks for this tip!!. After figuring out delay entry I tried it out and it does a pretty good job! I did drop the release to 0.025. For some reason all my axis and trims on the X52 Pro are ULTRA sensitive. Using this tio with the SST Macro bound to the keyboard key gives the P51D almost complete control of the drift. Still working at getting all 3 trims to the point where I can line up on a landing approach and actually get down without bouncing or angling and ending up a fire ball. I'm counting/collecting pennies and hope someday to upgrade to a TM Warthog HOTAS. I'm getting weary
  6. artmustel, I have to say this thread is very informative. I've been struggling to get consecutive *successful* takeoffs and landings for some time and am still in trouble with both. I've even created missions with green gates galore trying to get axis controls setup with right DCS settings while trimming like mad just to get level controlled flight. Still at it..... Good luck with your efforts and thanks loads to you and folks responding I have more fodder to chew on. I've spent tons of time viewing videos and applying tips from helpful folks and have made progress but someone said "practic
  7. I'll have do a recheck on that when I have a few spare cycles. Not that it matters on this post but "Stick"ion on my Saitek X52 Pro is driving me bonkers and I've been searching for a good disassembly video to clean/lube the stick. Can see parts splonging all over if I do it wrong.
  8. Guess I keep all installs for now..... Thank your Art-J and cichlidfan for responding. I could probably dispense with the Steam version but will hold off for now until a combined areas (Caucasus, Nevada, ??) version is released. Art-J: I think I have 1.5.6 released/updated version. I don't recall "beta" during installation and don't see a beta tag anywhere. Version 2 (Nevada) is "alpha" I guess. I raised the question because of what seems to be sharing of some files across all 3 versions. For example - the profile I use for my joystick in each different game all point to the same c
  9. Question: Can DCS versions share installation Directory?? Stupid noob question probably and searching netted no answer nor was the readme file helpful --- I have 3 versions of DCS on my computer: 1. I have Steam version DCSWorld 1.5.6 in my C:\Programs(x86) directory path 2. I have ED's DCS World version DCS 1.5.6 in my D:\DCS World directory path 3. I have ED's DCS World 2 OpenAlpha version 2.0.6 (?) in my D:\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha directory path When I look at the directory contents of each version many of the directories are the same but may contain some few different files
  10. Regards Teamspeak Zimm, thanks for suggestion. I took a quick look at TeamSpeak. In the not too distant future it will be checked off my "get it" list. Right now I am prioritizing with practicing/tweaking controls with what I have. However, from responses to my post and watching several vids I've gotta have Trackir and rudder pedals! Those are my next priorities. Would like to find some way of extending my X52 Pro Joystick for finer control but.....
  11. My controller Axis curves As mentioned earlier, I have spent hours tweaking my controller to the point where I have limited success and would post those curves. Not having a lot of experience with that this is somewhat of an experiment. Here are the curves for the Saitek X52 Pro HOTAS: : x Axis : Y- Axis : Rudder Axis : RPM Axis : Elevator Trim Axis : Rudder Trim Axis : Throttle Axis Undoubtedly, I will continue to tweak these going forward. This is the Saitek profile in zip format: Mustang 000.zip - Now, hopefully that went all according
  12. Reply to mkiii Thanks for the input. I'm going to give the "bootlace" trick a try to see what it buys me. An issue that I need a work around with is a "sticky" joystick. Especially those tiny corrections I seem to need during final approach. Seems to have a tiny bit of hangup just before moving. Will have to deal with that for now but I am looking at pedals as a first item and am also looking seriously into the trackir unit. I may regret a decision during my recent downsizing (accompanying retirement) where I gave up a home built desktop to my gaming grandson. This Eluctronic Gam
  13. Thanks Art-J. Someone else mentioned extensions. Will have to look into it. At first glance, I can't see any way of adjusting the X52 Pro joystick other than a lock to avoid using it for rudder twist - I assume for pedals which I don't have..... I'm going to try to post my AXIS curves soon but in short I have been all over the map getting to where I am currently at - and expect to continue tweaking a bit. I
  14. Thanks David OC for all the hints/cautions/suggestions. I will be kept busy for awhile just going through the pointers! Regarding taildraggers, I have toyed with others including some of the WWI and have to admit finding them VERY different than tricycle landers. I am committed to devoting my play time nailing the Mustang and do appreciate your inputs along with the many others.
  15. My system is: Eluktronics P670RP6 Gaming Laptop - Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core, W10 Home, 6GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, 17.3” Full HD IPS, 256GB Performance SSD + 1TB HDD, 16GB DDR4 RAM I have a SaitekX52 Pro HOTAS system and have spent a bit of time integrating the SST profiles into the existing AXIS configuring of DCS P51 - and am still tweaking. I'm going to try to edit both in the original post shortly. The X52 Pro is 3 years old and still in good condition consting ~$150 new. That's it...
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