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  1. Welcome to the DCS game, I started playing in 2017, but problems with the PC left the game for a year, I have minimum requirements, I am changing up PC now, you already have the SU-25T, if you like to simulate you can buy a 100% simulated plane, you can buy the F / A-18C Hornet is very complete now , I bought it about a month ago at half the price, because they make discounts on the modules, this game is practice and more practice, I love this game FC3, F-18C, F-16C, AV-8B Harrier, Mirage 2000, A-10C, Persian Gulf, Super Carrier, A-4E-C
  2. Eagle Dynamic need half price Syria map, 50% off, the new game is coming 18 august, the new simulator Era is coming, the sale are going drop to DCS, they must need up day the graphics motor to 4k and optimize game, Not just make the new item to sell US!
  3. hello the Scud Missil work guys to make new mission
  4. i was make a short mission to try lauch the Scud Missil irak to Dubai airport, they work is amaing for new mission, thank Eagle Dynamic,fly hiper hi on the space jajaja
  5. hello Salute. happen to me, the game get me error, you must need fird up day the game,second one install module one by one, the problen persistent, you need Re install the game again and install the module one by one man, I have on 2 version now betta and 2.5.0. estable, I loved is amazing, I have minimun requirements PC Módulos : FC3 | F / A-18C | F-16C | AV-8B | Super Carrier | Golfo pérsico
  6. Saludos Hello, happen to me, get me error, you must need Re install the game again, solved problem, I love the Super Carrier, thank alot Eagle Dynamic, amazing amazing :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Minimum Requirements I have AMD Phenom II x4 965 3.40 GHz, 16gb Ram, Sapphire HD 6950 2gb, Windonws 7 Ultimate 64 bit Modules: FC3 - F18 - F16C - AV-8B - Persian Gulf - Super Carrier -
  7. HELP PLEAE HELLO, I up day the game ,donw load the Super Carrier, I see then on editor, try to open the game, game crash, help please dcs.log-20200521-110315.zip
  8. GAME ERROR Salute. up day the game and donw load the Super Carrier, on editor I put the Super Carrier on map when try to open de mission, the game crash and close the game ,why why, why, help please
  9. new technologi to the game AZURE CLOUD TO GENERATE NEW DATA, and ADD GROUND DETAIL, is posible play the game like this????
  10. Mierda Corvinus que daron arrechisimos, T botastes rata jajajajajaja
  11. WOW Good jod, amazing, I like alot from my country, I is my friend XCorvinux :thumbup: :thumbup:, muy buen trabajo mi amigo, gracias por tus skin a este maravilloso simulador, mete tambien en LOGBOOK de Venezuela
  12. Why this game have not optimization yet??? Why DCS World have not optimization yet, 6 year paas this game not have why Eagle Dynamic, we have two new map, we have alot new plain, why you dont make optimization to this game, we need optimization now please,please,please
  13. Will be nice you can add your name to F-15 display name, like cap. Alf.Snake
  14. The game need optimization! because the fps dronw HEAVY!!!
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