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  1. I cant find my 10 missions with SU 33 from Admiral Kuznetsov!! I have DCS World 2.5.4 ( . I´ts no longer in the game! Somebody:cry: must know! Always after updates some problems. :(:(:mad:
  2. I have bought the SU 33 with 10 missions from a russian carrier. And now all missions are gone!? I dont find them under Mission Editor, and wonder If someone could have the interest to answer. I have bought It and would some support....:(
  3. Always some problem after updates! I have DCS Worls 2.5.4 and suddenly all missions with SU 33 with carriern Is gone!! No where to find!! What hapend? :mad:
  4. After all updates the game Is lagging, all the time! Cant use It. Bought airplanes fore hundreds of dollars, and upgrades the computer but It dont works! This Is not what I payed fore!
  5. Why can i never get refueling when I am on the ground? I can rearm , but never get fuel!
  6. rfager


    After your updates It always crach, and lag!! Whats the problem??
  7. I dont understand whats happening?! After every update the program don`t work. I have bought airplanes fore about 400 pund, and I t dont work just now! A black monitor after 20 minutes inloggning. I don`t accept It!:(
  8. Is the new Beta version so much "bigger"? Before the upgrade everything went very nice. I check the nvidia card...........:) :thumbup:
  9. I have: Intel ® core i5-6600 k CPU . 3,50 GHz Ram: 8 GB 64 bits . operatsystem Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 Windows 7 Proffesional
  10. Dont understand why the simulator stop to funktion, when I uploaded to new Beta version? I wonder If I can try to download the DCA Alpha ,latest version?
  11. What happens?? Updatet Open Beta yesterday, and suddenly I have problem! It takes about 8 minutes from I logg In to I can fly a plane! And when I fly Its lagging the hole time. Cant fly! And when I land on carrier the SU 33 float on the boat. I cant stear the plane. Ok some of the problems! Would be greateful with some help...............:):helpsmilie:
  12. Not what I bought!! Just bought the KA-50 and I cant come In to cockpit! Whats wrong! Ore give me money back, and keep your DCS sim fore your self! :mad:
  13. Thanks !! Its working..............Thanks fore help................
  14. I have DCS Beta version, and 5 different airplanes, and It has worked to play 6 months. But yesterday I cant start the DCS, It works to 57% before the start, but then nothing Is happend! What can the problem be?
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