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  1. Hello. I'm selling a brand new Real Simulator F16SGRH grip. This right hand grip includes the optional castle cup upgrade. I'm asking $365 plus shipping but I'm willing to consider reasonable offers. I'm located in the United States, but I'm happy to ship to other countries. Thanks for looking, and please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.
  2. Hello. I'm selling a set of Prosimu T1000 HOTAS brackets. If you have a Prosimu motion platform they can be used to mount a flight stick and throttle. I drilled a few holes in the throttle mount to attach my gear, but this should have no effect on the functionality of the part. Aside from this, the mounts are in excellent condition with minor cosmetic wear. They're pre-drilled for the Thrustmaster Warthog, but with a bit of drilling of your own you can attach any set of flight peripherals you choose. I paid about $230 for these brackets, and I'm asking $70 plus shipping. Bolts and other mounti
  3. THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD. PLEASE DELETE THIS POST. THANK YOU. Hi, I'm selling my FSSB R3 force sensor. This sensor transforms the standard warthog joystick into a force sensing stick similar to what's found in the F16 or F22. It was purchased new about two years ago and is in excellent, like-new condition. I'd estimate it's only been used for about 20 hours in total. Accordingly, it works flawlessly. Also included is a carrying case and original packaging. I originally paid around $550 for this item, and I'm willing to let if go for $400 plus shipping - although I'm open
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