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  1. Thanks for replying - I shall give that a go.
  2. Hi, It's often when I'm trying to enter a frequency on COMM1 on the 'M' (Maunual) mode it will revert to what was in the box before hand. I believe the steps are to press CLR, enter your freq and then press ENTER? But for me I have to do that a few times before it actually accepts it. It just keeps reverting back to the previous frequency it had stored. If anyone could let me know If I'm being silly and doing something wrong or not? Cheers,
  3. The video above was filmed on the Persian Gulf map but I have also add it on the Caucasus map as well. It is a bit of an odd one as it doesn't happen all the time. But when it does happen, it can get quite distracting :P
  4. Hi, Sorry if this is wrong area of the forum - Please move if it is. Does anyone else have this problem on the latest openbeta version where the sea starts to flicker but it only does this in the cockpit view? A short clip below to show what I mean. Any solutions?
  5. I've been stuck on a carrier a few times as I can't get U to launch the aircraft at all. Even though I'm connected to the catapult system.
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