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  1. There's so many squadrons posting recruitment messages. This isn't one of those. This is more of just a public service announcement, letting you know that we exist. there's a group of guys that have taken it upon ourselves not only to create the best non-toxic, dedicated but not overly serious, real life comes first, "squadron" in DCS. We are actively teaching new players on a regular basis. And we're not talking about that player versus crappy AI stuff you see. We mean really proficient. We fly every airframe including helicopters. We have our own server that is up and considered by many
  2. Awesome! Thank you. I noticed this two days ago. Huge difference. At least we have a change to run like hell lol. :-)
  3. Zeus said in one of the first posts about D2M and the Mirage C: "It has the capability, it just does not use it." It is really annoying that some servers block its use by leaving it default to off in the mission file. Just because the French didn't use it, doesn't mean it should be hard coded off. Online PvP servers are not "real" lol, especially the likes of Growling Sidewinder (air quake). So I think it should be defaulted to on, and left to the server to actively remove it if their community, mission, idea is to have it off. It's too much of a life saver for the under dog mirage th
  4. how relaxed or strict are you looking? Do you want just a good group of guys to fly with any learn any plane you want? If so, I recommend checking out Modern Cold War (soon to have a new name based on the player's voting). We are laid back to the correct level, yet are heavily active, on nightly, and yet organized to creating strike, and wingman tactics to be more effective. We all own many modules, and most are experts in 1 or 2, and we teach those modules to each other (ie. Mine is the mirage). I hope you can join us and see how you like it. Who knows, maybe if you join another squad
  5. If you want to learn, you need a good community. Growling Sidewinder is full of fan bois, and solo-ists. Why would they want to teach poker to the people they are trying to take the money of? If you want to learn, a server that is built on community interaction and working together for ACTUAL mission objectives that are generated by the players in the game talking, and generating the ground and air game is the way to go. Modern Cold War server is a great place, full of players that came from other multiplayer servers like you, but found working together, be it 15 minutes of flight time y
  6. Modern Cold War - welcomes everyone I can appreciate your search for a more enjoyable Multiplayer environment. I can't say that I agree with the previous two posters as I have not enjoyed those servers much. I was looking for a community just as much as I wanted a dynamic experience. I tried the DDCS server, and that was a ton of fun, until they changed course to "steal players" from other servers. That maneuver ultimately made DDCS a waste, and not only did it forcefully remove players that voiced opinions contrary to the leaderships, but also made it unfun for less vocal players lik
  7. For A2A I will need to provide examples. I will say that yesterday felt better than Thursday last week. Not sure if any small patch was pushed. One thing that has changed and I'm not sure if its key bindings or actual change, but CAS mode for guns does not bring up the radar alt piper. I get the 530 bore sight with the se button combos of before. I have messed with radar alt switch on the HUD and PCA switches. Anyone know if I'm just screwing up by using the old way to initiate the CAS piper?
  8. was anything updated yesterday with the 16 release? It seemed like my radar was flickering, targets on and off and on and off again. That didn't happen before the update.
  9. Not really sure how anyone can argue for a broken module. That's like arguing that you are better off with only one show because you only need to tie one instead of two. Sure my other foot hurts, but it's still early. I just havent found the matching one yet. That's how ridiculous the arguement sounds. They should disable features that allow you to fly arcade modes. Otherwise we no long are in a simulator and just in a version of ace combat. That's not a good business model when Microsoft is about to drop a flight sim to kick the crap out of others. All the acrobatic guys may go else
  10. I guess I didn't understand the way it was written. I was notified of my error. But again, could have been written better for someone exhausted at 3am to understand it lol ;-)
  11. Mirage 2000 update, they broke my bird... So I get making it more real, cool. But when you change something, explain how to get the functionality back. Anyways, the problem is there is no unlock for STT/TWS locks, then you can not select special modes. So I can't use horizontal, bore sight, vertical; which means I can't use my snake eyes either. If anyone has info to correct this, I'd be grateful.
  12. Anyone been able to dig into the files and see how it broke?
  13. Not pleased with these animations. It was a waste of coders time in my opinion. Buttons are ridiculously slow, and it "broke" the code? Hmmm,... Game play value... -1 And yes, all I fly is the Mirage because it's the best in the game. But I don't like to have to "mod" the code to make the plane function correctly (switch animations being too slow).
  14. Thank you for posting. You answered some questions I had about using the gardena system.
  15. Anyone made the Gardena extension that has photos? I want to make this and I'm not really sure I'm purchasing the needed parts correctly.
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