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  1. Yes we also had single launches tonight in our MP mission. The crew wouldn’t start guiding you to the cat until the jet on the other cat had launched.
  2. Thats ironic considering that having a human LSO is much more realistic than an AI one.
  3. I normally just hit LALT + F9 (LSO view) and grab the ships heading from the top of the PLAT cam, this is same as BRC.
  4. Might start a new thread as the old one seems to have fell victim to the new formatting Hi guys, we have begun a new era of landing films from the Supercarrier LSO Platform. Grading has been simplified to groove time and wire caught. Hope fans of the previous series enjoy the new format, it's already helping us learn to judge approaches from the platform, great LSO training reference for calibrating your eye!
  5. Hi fans of PLAT movies, the above video represents the last Stingers PLAT cam video. I was trying to make it to episode 113 but it has just become too much work. Thanks for your kind viewership and looking forward to seeing other squadrons videos!
  6. Roger, in multiplayer we just don’t use the in game ATC. If they don’t call ‘Hornet ball’ in the radio menu they shouldn’t hear the AI LSO. We just do our ball calls over teamspeak/discord.
  7. Hi Bones if you are in a Hornet with your radio on and go to the platform I think you’ll hear the LSO comms to other pilots. If you jump to spectators then to the LSO platform you won’t hear the LSO.
  8. The F numbers change to the order of the ships closest to you, so if you had a sequence of keystrokes set up, the number might refer to a different ship?
  9. Hi Thumper try LALT + C for mouse look. If your PLAT is black and you are running at 4K check your GUI scale, I think it needs to be set to 1.
  10. Hi Mark, when I get ‘go to alternate’ it’s normally because I’ve accidentally called inbound on one of the escort ships.
  11. The Stingers flew traps and a mission from DCS SUPERCARRIER today with ten aircrew all in virtual reality and had a blast. Very sorry to hear some folks aren’t having fun but I would suggest you need to look at your settings, it’s working perfectly for us. We were literally walking around on the LSO platform in VR watching recoveries and talking about what an astounding moment in sims the new boat is. Hope you guys get squared away soon.
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