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  1. It’s weird that this thread is marked “cannot reproduce” but so many of us are having the same issue. Then the manual they made and Wags videos are not explaining the functions properly.
  2. We have this issue 109% of the time. Eagle Dynamics marked this bug thread as unable to reproduce? The Viper manual is not updated so can someone from the company please explain what all the DCS Viper pilots are doing wrong in the manual instead of just saying “cannot reproduce”. I know 14 DCS Viper pilots that will tell you they can reproduce it.
  3. Yes we made the SA-3 the only one to find in the list. It had a 17 second search time. The 3 came up in the RWR but no 3 on the weapon page after 2 or 3 search cycles. We even allowed the SA-3 to lock us and we flew straight no 3a or 3t after 2 cycles. We tried high and medium altitudes. Then we changed the list to 3 and S. S comes up in a second or 2.
  4. My group was flying in the Syria Map and PG Map practicing after the latest patch with the AGM-88 and the Harm would not pick up an SA-3. RWR would show it but the Harm never picked it up.
  5. I don’t know if this is a bug but it appears to me as a bug. I tried a mission last night and loaded 6 AGM-65H’s CCD Mavs the default is boresight even though the missile is not powered on and not selected and master arm is not on it effects the steer points snd TGP.
  6. I just watched the track file and it shows what I am talking about clearly I looked at the track file and it showed exactly what I am stating as a bug. I takeoff the steerpoint indicator stays in the center of the VV I had to navigate by looking at F10 map and HSD. As I approached the AO I had CBU-97s ready in CCRP and the bomb fall line if off to the right, no TGP cue on HUD even though the MFD shows it moving around and at the city in front of me (I think)
  7. Thank you for responding, I seem to see this answer for the same issue from other players with players reporting the bug. Could this bug be causing track issues?
  8. I had it on but shut it off thinking it was an issue. The Mav being on should not effect steerpoints when in Nav or CCRP. It should not effect steerpoints period. It should not effect TGP cue when the TGP SOI.
  9. How is that possible when mav is off and I had CBU-97 selected in CCRP mode?
  10. A few bugs wrapped in 1 post. I was just in our teams MP server. The steerpoints no matter which one was selected was in the center of the VV. I could not get the TGP to slew to the steerpoint. The bomb fall line was pointing somewhere else. I switch to the AGM-65K in VIS mode and I cannot tell you whee it was pointing. TAW Modified TTI 1.0.00 (Persian Gulf) v1.66e_1.13-20201004-195534.trk
  11. I saw a post where it had a link to a very nice post showing graphs and charts and mathematical equations. Very nice but my question is how is a AIM-9L comparable to a AIM-120C? Are they different in size, weight, motor, fins? Asking for a friend.
  12. Ok, so the argument is it’s “brochure” range and speed even though it’s classified it’s smaller (by a lot) then the “brochure data”. The 120 per the brochure says the 120s motor can reach Mach 4 and based on what you are saying the speed of the aircraft determines range since in my example you see that a 120 was fired at 6000 feet not kilometers at Mach 1 and killed a maneuvering F16 at roughly the same altitude at distance of 12nm so in that example height is no factor. The 120 should have reached Mach 4 or higher but only reached Mach 3. The next one was fired at 19000 feet not kilometer a
  13. Example 1 F-15C FL060 M1.08 fires at 12nm Score a kill on a manuvering F-16 Example 2 AI F-16 FL190 M1.08 fires at 14nm scores a kill on a manuvering F-16 Example 3 F-16 FL120 M.80 fires at 11nm non manuvering SU-27 Missile accelerates to 4nm to M3.04 which then decelerates to M1.8 in less than 2nm goes stupid at 7nm and then floats to the earth at 9mn Example 4 F-16 FL130 M.99 fires at 6nm inorder to score a kill on Su-24 Sorry I dont buy that its normal to be actually 10-15. The R-27 has a "brochure" range of 120km and is effective at that range in DCS, the Aim-120C "brochure" range
  14. I have been flying the F-16 in multiplayer servers and seem to have an issue with the Aim-120's range. If I fire on a bandit more then 10nm the missle will slow down within 5nm and go stupid. If I fire with in 10nm the missile will slow down in 4-5nm and I might get a hit. This is in STT lock. AI aircraft with the same 120s seem to be able to launch and kill with it from 20nm. I have better range with Aim-9Xs. Is this normal?
  15. F-20? I would love to see an F-20 DCS module........Oh helz yes!
  16. Crashing to desk top DCS crashed on me 2 times last night during multiplayer flying the A-10. Today I was playing the A-10 Georgian Hammer campaign and it crashed 3 times in an hour. Crash dumps were sent 1 time last night and 2 times today. Last night I was using open beta, today I was using the stable version.
  17. Not responding I am having that problem too when I exit the screen goes black and stays that way until I enter task manager and manually stop the application.
  18. I think there may be a bug here. Shot a Mig 25 and didn't kill it. Sending screen shot of it.
  19. Agresor and early VF84 paint scheme these
  20. Instant Action Aim 7 Caucasus I think there may be a bug here. Shot a Mig 25 and didn't kill it. Sending screen shot of it.
  21. briosky2

    Logbook entries

    I noticed that too. F-18 is not logging and totals are not recording either. Only F-18 all the other work fine for me.
  22. Is there a reason that the F-18 flight time is not being logged in to the log book? Its just the F-18.
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