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  1. +1. come on ED some qol plz
  2. The rift s is a budget vr set. While it’s ok it has limitations. One is the one you described - resolution
  3. hahah grats. Reminds me of my star citizen days until I realized it’s a scam.
  4. dude first 90% of DCS players including me are SP only. Second we have been waiting for a DC for over 10yrs now. For 10yrs I can’t really enjoy DCS for more than a couple of hours a year because there is nothing to do except the boring scripted missions. DC is what will bring DCS on par with Falcon and will offer unlimited replaybility and immersion. It’s the number one needed feature period.
  5. I bought the a10 upgrade, f16 and mirage. Maybe I will get the harrier too. F18 is already in the account.
  6. Such a good work but ueseless without GPS, Amraams etc etc If I want to fly old stuff I could buy the WW2 modules. Such a shame. Sad
  7. Thx for the pictures. I made a PDF out of them and put them in my VR kneeboard. Works like a charm
  8. Just wanted to say thank you for this great DCE module
  9. I thought I read early access. Well not that bad. Got to learn the F18 anyway first
  10. Wait you cant play the carrier module yet? Its just a preorder?
  11. I got it. I have to installe the open beta.
  12. "You already have a license for this product" But I just read it needs DCS 2.5.6 but I only have 2.5.5 and my DCS Updater tells me I have the newest version. So how do I get 2.5.6?
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