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  1. From a group of the German community I used to play with. Also the Brave Rifles campaign videos are interesting
  2. I could get the multiplayer GUI to start with these settings Target: "E:\DCS A-10C\DCS A-10C Multiplayer.lnk" (multiplayer shortcut for DCS-A10) Start in: "E:\DCS A-10C\" alltough the STEAM-overlay doesn't work.
  3. Me 2 years ago. Very nice especially since I paid for a 30min tour and came back after 1h. Excuse the shity camerawork
  4. Since we have games like ARMA II and Battlefield on this forum topic, I thought I might also introduce Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy newest succesor of the famous Combat Mission series. Source: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=273&Itemid=456 Demo: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=277&Itemid=477 Anyone else owns it already and is up to a PBEM game?
  5. For sure! :D No I just found the documentary interesting from an aviation history point of view.
  6. Can anyone identify the type of the downed chopper? I have never seen a tail like this before
  7. Oh! You are killing me! I just had to climb up to the desk again. :D
  8. You don´t neccesarily need a plugin to let your recordings sound like radio messages. Audacity has a built in noise tool where you can apply different kinds of noises to your recording. Another method is to add the "athmospheric" soundfile which you can find in the DCS A-10 sounds folder.
  9. I use Audacity for my missions. For free and very intuitive to use. You do not need to place them in a specific folder. Just make a trigger and add the soundfile to your mission.
  10. You propably suffered anoxia. How high did you fly? Be sure to your check oxygen supply. I think 20.000f is a good altitude to set it to 100% oxygen.
  11. Roof of Fukushima 1 collapsed today German news video http://www.stern.de/panorama/explosion-in-akw-fukushima-1-dach-von-fukushima-1-eingestuerzt-1662801.html#utm_source=igoogle&utm_medium=gadget&utm_campaign=canvas-view-widget big shit over there :(
  12. Glueckwunsch! Schau mal unter Optionen -> Controls -> Category: HOTAS -> Trimm left wing down/Right wing down/ Nose Up/Down Trimm ist als Standard mit einem Modifikator versehen. Diesen einfach rausloeschen. Ausserdem solltest du unter Optionen -> Misc ueberpruefen, ob du Force Feedback deaktiviert ist, da du sonst vielleicht die Joysticktasten nicht belegen kannst.
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