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  1. Morat

    Reverb G2

    Guess I just need that 3080 to finally turn up! Thanks for the reply
  2. Morat

    Reverb G2

    My G2 has arrived, and I'm loving it so far - however there's a very big but. My 3080 hasn't arrived (pre-ordered on launch day) and I'm stuck on my trusty Asus 980 Strix. It shouldn't work at all being a Display Port 1.2 connection but I've managed to get everything running in DCS. Is it great? No.. but I can just about play. I've flown online in the A10C-2 and it worked. The biggest issue I had was actually the targeting pod. I could just about make out the targets if I leaned right in and fiddled with the contrast/brightness on the MFD. How good does the TP look to other peop
  3. How hard would it be to implement V-1 flying bombs? They're not exactly crucial but they'd give some great mission options.
  4. This sounds like fantastic idea - especially if we can have a night fight version of the Mosquito with AI Mk IV and IX. That would be a true multiplayer experience for the Mosquito crew.
  5. Slightly calmer now after Christmas You can send your wingman to engage the ships at the start of the mission, watch his SPI in your helmet sight and put your own SPI/Sensor pod over his. Then tell your wingman to rejoin before he does anything stupid. The GBU 54s in laser mode will slow the FFG with about 36% damage but you can't make your wingman use them and he seems to prefer committing pointless suicide by attacking with Maverick and then closing to engage with rockets. I hit one FFG with all 21 Hydra and it caused 22% damage. I did wonder if changing to
  6. It's rubbish :( no radio instructions - but your wingman will engage the ships straight away because he's a computer and knows where everything is. Sadly he bores straight in and launches his Mav and APKWS. Then he dies to the absolute hail of gunfire those FFG can produce. It seems that you can get closer from the back of the ship and use the GAU (the only weapon that does any damage to the ships) but you then die as you pull out because the neighbouring vessels can engage you. APKWS are the HE variant and a full load isn't enough to stop the ship from getting into missile range, let alone
  7. It's OK, the laser-rockets are now mini-mavs and you can carry a ton of them!
  8. Yes! Has anyone actually run DCS on a 3080 yet? I'd love to know if there's a worthwhile improvement. I've been playing DCS on an Asus 980 Strix for ~5 years now. I flip between 2k for FPS and 4k for gorgeousness but I'd like to move on. My processor/Mobo went pop just before lockdown so I'm hoping that a 30 series card will work well with my 9700k and show me enough gains to run in 4k all the time. If I get enough 4k performance, I hope to make the leap to VR with a G2 - but I'm not dropping any cash on that until I see what I can get with a 3080. Oh, and I decided to move
  9. Because crouching in your seat to look at the top of the HUD and peering down/right past the ejection seat handle is a real PITA compared to the old cockpit. My back does not thank ED for this update. (My eyes love it)
  10. Is there a bug with the comms on this mission or am I being stupid? I can make the "mark your moms" call but then that's it. No further options apart from requesting navigational assistance. I thought I was meant to make another call at 10 miles but nothing shows up. I can land OK but I get a NC grade for "No Comms"
  11. Jester isn't much use at all. Just use ACM radar modes, trying to outrun a Flogger is pretty futile anyway. You'll die every time but you'll get some Sparrows off.
  12. I need this on a fully compatible base and matching throttle. There's no point in putting it on a Warthog base if the DLC won't work as an axis. IMO that would just be a waste of money. If you're going to do it right, do it right :) I'll unplug my Warthog when I switch from A-10C to F-14 and v.v. I don't agree with requests for twist or extra buttons, this is a replica for a very niche market. Generic/multipurpose/game sticks are a different kettle of fish altogether and will have different design priorities. GO all in VKB and give us something that works just like the real thing, including
  13. I'm over the F18 stick already. Now I want an F-14 stick with an axis slider/button for the DLC system. Oh, and matching throttles with AB detents and the correct wing sweep controls and cover :)
  14. First thought after loading up the F14 was "damn, what's the binding for a damp cloth and some windolene?"
  15. With a Falklands Map announced and the new detailed Nimitz we could play a lot of What If scenarios in the Gulf and Falklands. :)
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