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  1. At this point, as you've ignored multiple requests to ship a zip rather than an .exe, I'm assuming it contains malware or at least does something that you don't want people to know about. Shame, it looked like a nice project.
  2. Just completed M06 seemed to have a TACAN failure after the missing man. Was that a finger fire, or a sneaky reference to Saint's TACAN gripe later in the book?
  3. I was too buddy, but this campaign forced me to to get better. It's worth trying to get it down if you can!
  4. I read the novel up to that point today, and now I get it. Wasn't aware of the fuel conserve profile which makes sense. Just completed M05 after getting schwacked the first time, and tanking with under 1000 lbs was intense. Really really well done. I need a drink and a lie down! I noticed on the tacview that the bandit actually shot at me first but I went defensive on the RWR spike and evaded the missile. He got Prince with the 2nd. Is that normal? Was I just too close to Prince and the missile maddogged onto me? Cannot wait to continue this, but doing 1 pe
  5. All those hours flying LB2 with the 404th in the 90s, and I've been waiting for a Longbow to be done by DCS since Flexman's Combat Helo sadly went dark. Bring it on and thanks ED!
  6. Curious why the tanker would want to tank at such low level? Instinct is to go high to conserve fuel, and the air is smoother for refuelling. Is it just the assumption that the player is in the weeds after being defensive, and wouldn't have the fuel for an ascent?
  7. Coming back to DCS after a little while and looking for a reason to relearn the Bug. Early feedback after 4 successful missions and failing mission 5, playing in VR and having not read the book. Have to agree that this is the best single player DCS experience I've had, having flown the franchise since LOMAC days. Huge congratulations to the whole team, and I can't wait to fly more. Will definitely read the book, but will try to stay behind the campaign so I don't spoiler anything. Just hoping future campaigns (KW/Apache?) feature Australians so I can do some VO for yo
  8. Are you parked at an airfield/carrier ramp? Start services aren't available everywhere. Is the engine off?
  9. Nice. Is there a paintkit available? Also is it absolutely necessary to have an exe installer? I'd prefer to know what's going on my machine, rather than trusting an exe from Mega. Thanks
  10. If you do try it, I find the best time is as you're rolling out downwind. You're usually bringing the power up over 70% at that point after slowing to onspeed.
  11. Just been through all your vids Sidekick and liked them all. +1 sub & bell, keep it up!
  12. It can be tricky, but if you can get the pattern as accurate as possible, it really helps with the landing. APC helps a lot if you're not using it, and a 75mil sight depression gives you a good aiming reference all the way around - top of the 50mil circle on upwind, dead centre horizon on downwind, put the caret on the crotch in the groove and walk it to the centreline abeam the IFLOLS for a 3 wire.
  13. Just pulled the trigger on a H640P for VRK. Looking forward to giving it a try!
  14. Hey, thank you for this. I'm modifying it for my helo + lowtech server, and I really appreciate the work you've done. Going to put AIRBOSS back for the A-4 and remove the supercarrier and modern jets. Thanks again!
  15. My mate and I have found pretty different mils settings for the same attack profiles even if we swear blind we're flying the exact profile pretty closely. e.g. I use 40mils for 45* / 400kt / 4000' rel / MK82 slicks. He uses over 100, and we're both pretty accurate. So yeah, fly a test range and work out your own numbers. One hot tip though - use 75mils depression as a landing setting for the Stennis. Gives you a nice reference for the upwind, downwind and groove pitch to fly accurately. YMMV.
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