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  1. Hi again and sorry for my bad english and late answer. I have now tested all the things that I can think of but still I have major performance issues when I use my Oculus Quest connected with cable (Link) and play DSC in multiplayer. I have read about many differnet solutions and settings and I belive I have tried them all. I have cleaned maps. I have updated my drivers. I have repaired my installation and I have reduced the graphic settings in DSC and so on. I have tried different USB-C ports on my desktop PC but without any progress. Everything seems to work fine in the beginning
  2. I will send you an log file later this week since I´m at work. :-)
  3. Why using the hand controllers? I use my mouse clicking on buttons and menues and then my headset to slew the green crosshair so it points on the correct button that I want to interract with. The majority of functions are binded to my throttle and joystick.
  4. I must just ask you all here a question. I have quite big problem flying DCS VR on multiplayer servers since I have enormously low FPS (around 10 fps). Sometimes for short period at startup the frames can reach 32 FPS but then it drops down to 9-10 FPS. Yesterday I played on an Persian Gulf server compleatly alone and when the SAM:s started to fire at me the frames went down to lower than 10 FPS and I had to quit the game. Even in the main menu the lag where still noteciable. The strange thing is that in singleplayer everything works great with 72 FPS almost the all the time. I have even tried
  5. Nope. You will not get any kind of warning so far I have noticed.
  6. Everything went fine except that I had to copy my old input folder and put it back in to the config folder. I also had to copy my own missions and put them back in the mission folder. Before this problem I had some own loadouts for the F18 but they seems to have been gone and I dont know where to find them. Thank you so much for your support.
  7. I made an clean and an repair but the problem resist. I send you the new logfile. EDIT: I had forgotten to delete the earlier DCS folder and when I did the game started. I will check that everything looks fine now and I will write back later. dcs.rar
  8. Here is the log file. I could se one interesting string but I cant tell if thats is where the problem start. 2019-09-10 06:06:41.001 ALERT Dispatcher: Error starting Game GUI: [string "./MissionEditor/modules/TableUtils.lua"]:3: assertion failed! dcs.rar
  9. DCS was not in offline mode. I have never tried it by the way. One question I have is that how I shall deactivate all my licenses before uninstalling the game? Is it possible to do that outside the game since I cant start it up?
  10. Thanks for your answer. Then I have to reinstall the game again and configure my Warthog HOTAS again. I also used that Aura Cleaner but still have problem with that program.
  11. That program are just my monitoring software. I have used it all the time and I have that overlay in all my games so it is not anything new that have appeared. Everything looks ok before the window become black. The game are searhing for updates and so on. But then nothing happened. It would be great if I could get into options so that I could change the resolution and screen size.
  12. Other games seems to work fine. I Think I know whats wrong now. I used CCleaner today to uninstall ASUS Aura and I also let that program take care of all the "unnessecary" register files. Probably it deleted some important files for the game? I also had to log in to my game account again the first time I starded after that cleaning operation. Bad luck I guess Tha Picture in the background are my wallpaper
  13. Updated my BIOS today and now when I try to start the game it will start in a small window and that window just become black. Nothing more will happened. I have tried to repair the game without any progress and I have to quit the game in the task manager. It seems strange that the game has been corrupt or whatever just after a BIOS update. Anobody else that have had the same problem? I have ASUS Z390-a motherboard together with an i9900K CPU and 32Gb of RAM.
  14. [REPORTED]Still problem with the radar elevation I have seen some reports last year about that the radar elevation stops working now and then. This is still a problem and it occurs almost every flight. It´s really anoying since I have to change slot to get it work again. I can´t tell why it happened but it will make it really hard to find threats since I dont know what altitude the radar are searching at.
  15. Random crashes after the latest update. I often play at multiplayer servers and it seems related to that. Played F18 Campaign without any problem. Log file sended. dcs.rar
  16. A new mission and a new freeze. Here is the log. dcs.log.txt
  17. Second try for today and the game freeze again as usual. Please! Do something because its impossible to play this game as it is right now. Many of us has spent a lot of money and would like to play as normal. dcs.log.txt
  18. New crash again :mad: dcs.log.txt
  19. New crash (freeze) again dcs.log (2).txt
  20. Game crash (freeze). dcs.log.txt
  21. New crash again. :-( I have attached the log file for that session. dcs.log.txt
  22. I have now played all the 3 first missions in the “enemy within” campaign and after your advice everything went fine. I hope it will continue.
  23. Still crashes after the latest patch. Flying my A10-C and at the third mission (a patrol near the border) on “The enemy within” campaign and the game crash when I start to attack the enemies north of the checkpoint. Exactly the same happened yesterday before the patch.
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