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  1. Meh it wont let me in D= I agree the gun just kind of sounds "off"... I wrote a post about it a couple months ago too. I went through a bunch of youtube videos with in-cockpit firing and, to me, the in-game just sounds to digital almost like an old 80's arcade system type of sound? Really hard to explain lol.
  2. More like same difference, the weight of the contents of the aircraft affect the CG directly (hence weight and balance calculations). I believe this is what Dimebag was getting at... not that mass distribution IS the CG, but that they are closely related. Especially when was mentioned, more weight in the rear of the aircraft will result in a reward CG thus flatter spins.
  3. vegaschavez As I don't have access to the beta forums to check that link, and assuming its a video option... I'd download the free trial of FRAPS and run that while you run the game. (Unless A-10C has a built in FPS meter) and see?
  4. TSA Slows down your performance by making you go through full body scanning or invasive pat downs thus making your loading time to get in to your Hog substantially longer. Oh wait... =D
  5. I'd be very worried about my speed if I was nearing VS0 so ignoring your speed is a very bad idea... however from the perspective you're providing I see exactly what you mean. If everything's right your approach speed will be what it needs to be. But I'd be cautious to say "don't worry about speed". =D
  6. Fundamentally wrong, however practically correct. Have you ever tried slow flight and experienced flying "behind the curve"? Basically in this situation, you're creating so much drag that you need to add more power to keep yourself in the air... eventually you get to the point where you're falling out of the sky even with full throttle. This is precisely where the "backwards thinking" comes in that is meant to save your life. For example, coming in on final to an approach you find yourself going too slow, so you add more power... still loosing airspeed and getting dangerously close to stalling you press forward on the throttle only to find the throttle is already fire-walled . Someone without this training may panic and not know what to do. However if you're used to slow flight and have the experience of flying behind the power curve, you know immediately you need to pitch down to gain the airspeed and pray that you can get back on the other side of the curve before you hit the ground. (I.e. Pitch for Airspeed, Power for Altitude)
  7. egorter you might want to put that on a website to link it bud xD Or perhaps we can upload attachments here?
  8. Yeah that's the "station identifier" it is mores code for the 3 letter abbreviation so you can make sure you're tracking the correct one!
  9. To me it sounds like he's asking how to view the target he placed in the mission editor without having to load up the game to make sure it's placed correctly?
  10. The X52 has a little nub on the throttle that may move the mouse cursor by default, could be a calibration issue with this? Or perhaps physical issue with it? Maybe you're resting your finger on it? xD
  11. Thanks kylania! Sent a PM to him, see if I can afford any of this stuff... :book: lol
  12. Ah drats! Definitely interested now however... xD I'll see if I can find it, thanks kylania. Upon close closer inspection, that -is- an F-16 in the left MFD and what looks like ground radar in the right, duh. Oops =D
  13. Not to mention illegal in several countries... lol! Anyway I've got my eyes set on the stick. I have an old Sidewinder FFB2 I was going to replace with the X52. Holy crap that stick's center tension is so weak, I'm not used to it at all! I can easily justify the TMWH - to myself at least! ----------------------- Might as well throw this in here too, I see MadDogMcQ has MFDs?! I thought it was just the button ring at first, but it appears the game is displaying a picture in them? Do you need some sort of video output for these or do they run a picture off of the USB? Very intriguing! Could someone enlighten me as to what these are and how they function with the A-10?
  14. Awesome! Now for some reason that sounds pretty good! Super cool that JTAC pops smoke period! =D More vids guys!
  15. Come on guys - need more examples of the GAU-8 firing in game... bring the love! =D
  16. What are your guys' feelings on the in game sound of the Avenger tearing to hell and back? I think it sounds VERY close, but there's just something about it that makes me think of some old time era arcade games. Being a huge audiophile this drives me nuts. =D Ignoring the source of where this comes from, and focusing on the audio you can hear it sounds very close to what I've heard in game. However do any of you agree somethings just not quite right about it? Perhaps its due to FRAPS audio compression I'm hearing that very subtle digital noise? Can anyone post videos to help me compare? =D
  17. I've done some myself in a Cessna at my local air force base, they take you pretty low. My instructor said, just please whatever you do, don't land! I don't want to have a bunch of guys with M16s surrounding us within seconds. :D I'm just thinking it'd be useful if your electronics were down... but stupid me realized then so would be your radios right? LOL What do you do if you loose power in IFR conditions and need to land from a military aspect? Or are these birds built with just that much redundancy for basic approaches etc?
  18. ILS Approach Looking at this above forum, lead me to wonder if the game has Precision Approach Radar? For those of you unfamiliar, basically after reaching a specified area on Final Approach the air traffic controller at the base tells you things like "Little High" if your above glide slope, too far left/right of the center line etc. I was thinking it would be a great addition to the game if its not present, just imagine taking bad damage and your electronics aren't working. You fly in using vectors from ATC (they say fly heading 030 for example) until you get close to the center line of the runway, then bring you in to visual range with the PAR system and vocal cues for a safe landing.
  19. But did he put that in himself as a part of the video, or is that real game chatter? :cry: (hopes its in-game sound! :thumbup:)
  20. How's the ATC communication in the game guys? Will we have to ask for clearance to take off / land etc? Will we have to tune into the tower frequency, approach / departure, ground control etc for other clearances and whatnot? (Pulling from my civi flying experience, so not sure if mil uses departure / approach frequency at airbase... I know my local air force base did when I practiced some Precision Approach Radar landings but then again I was in a Cessna 152 lol)
  21. Hello all, I have a problem to explain to you, and I would like to know if the following functionality is going to be implemented with the patch, or is currently doable by editing game files. When using a FFB joystick the game is awesome. You move the stick out of center, pressing against the forces and get your chopper flying in the right path. To remove the control pressures you hit the trimmer. The force feedback then releases the pressure and any movement out of that it will try to return it to this position. However, the problem arises is the joysticks get really twitchy outside of their physical center due to the dead zone (or even the sensitivity curve) staying at the physical center of the stick, even though your "new center" (where the FFB wants to keep the stick due to using of the trimmer button) is elsewhere. Is it possible for the dead zone / sensitivity curve to ALSO reorient to this new location as well? PS. I've also made a thread in game controllers but since this isn't a specific controller issue, I decided to post here as well... my apologies if this is in too many places. Game controllers doesn't seem to get much traffic though xD Link: Sensitivity Problem: Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 If anyone is confused or would like more explaination I can quickly draw up some diagrams to show using the in-game axis graphs. Please help! Flying is a dream, however small inputs make me look like I'm doing :joystick: in real life xD
  22. Well that wont work for a FFB user, because when you trim, the forces want to keep your stick say up and to the right... however inputs will be disabled till you go back to center. This function in the patch (the disabling inputs till re-center) is strictly for non-ffb users AFAIK. I would like it so the sensitivity curve / dead zone recenter wherever the trimmer was pressed for FFB users. Or to know how to get the game to do this even now xD
  23. /popcorn lol Something intersting indeed! Whats on paper vs. what's actually done, goes to show that training of these sorts arn't used anymore because its impractical... sure if you're standing 100% still and sitting there a TOW might hit you, but you have to realize you... as the shooter... are also sitting there zeroing in the chopper who very well might see you and launch an ATG missile. Sure its possible, and perhaps even trained... but is it very smart? Is it something you'd prefer to do in a combat environment? Probably not I'd say...
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