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  1. Squadron Name: Tophatters Discord ID on MVP Discord: Adler Blau Contact person Discord ID: Adler Blau Aircraft Selection. F-14, F/A-18 Pilots: Adler Blau
  2. Callsign: Adler Blau Aircraft: Tomcat Supercarrier: Yes RIO: will be
  3. Tiger, because of last changes, please put all us at Alpha 5 on F-18 A2A. Thanks!
  4. NAVY aviator needs F-4B or F-4J for Vietnam war against Mig-21!!!
  5. TOPHATTERS 2x F-14 A2A, 2xF18 A2A / A2G BLUEFOR TOPHATTERS 200 | Adler TOPHATTERS 202 | Showtime TOPHATTERS 210 | Nikmaxim TOPHATTERS 225 | Zero
  6. VF-14 Tophatters MUST!!! As the first Atlantic squadron deployed with the F-14A alongside VF-32 aboard USS John F. Kennedy.
  7. TOPHATTERS 200 | Adler - F14 RIO will post later
  8. Hi! Sorry to say, we have to miss the event, so F-14 is free for reserve pilots. S!
  9. F-14 TOPHATTERS 200 | Adler TOPHATTERS 210 | Nikmaxim (RIO)
  10. F-14 TOPHATTERS 200 | Adler TOPHATTERS 201 | Prorok
  11. Name: TOPHATTERS 200 | Adler Squadron (if any): TOPHATTERS Country: Russsia Role: Aircrew
  12. TOPHATTERS 200 | Adler RU ping 150 ms F-18 / F-14 (pilot)
  13. А я например, лучше бы заплатил за модуль подороже, чтобы иметь возможность сажать на второе кресло даже того, у кого модуль не куплен.
  14. Hi Alpenwolf ! Why you did not invite F-14 / F-18 drivers to your events ?
  15. Tophatters Virtual squadron joining naval aviation and history fans. F/A-18C Hornet is the main plane of the Tophatters in the DCS World at the moment. All of us can fight it in group or alone against air, ground or naval targets. This doesn't but mean that we are not flying other planes or even helicopters. We are learn together, share experiences and help each other to become successful and get fun during our cooperation flights in online missions and campaigns. We are looking forward when our squadron will get new F-14 Tomcat and F-4 Phantom II. Do you want to share you knowledges a
  16. 1. Tophatters 2. VF-14 / VFA-14 (зависит от типа самолёта) 4. По факту Июнь 2018 года (с выходом F/A-18) 5. Adler Blau / Baron von Myakin 6. http://tophatters.club/ 7.8 https://discordapp.com/invite/3dMpztd 9.
  17. Меня не надо, я не пилот вертолета, не моё. А ребятам да, мог бы помочь, если не учить, то разобрать вылет без эмоций, с рекомендациями и.т.д. Они будут благодарны уверен.:smilewink:
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