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  1. Hey man!

    You still here?

  2. Try deleting your shader cache. It's recommended after every bigger update(I'm doing it after every update because I'm paranoid). You'll find it here: C:\Users\*Username*\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta To make sure it's being regenerated with the new patched version, I delete Data, fxo, Logs and metashaders2.
  3. I only read about this just now. Good timing as I'm re-flying it again after a couple years, apparently for the very last time. Sad to see it fade out but I can understand the reasons behind it.
  4. In mission two, almost immediately on mission start, the emergency forces drive off to the western part of the airfield despite the C-130 still being on approach. After the hot mic sequence, the mission seems to be stuck with the follow me still on the taxi-way(I sped up the time and waited 30 minutes). Even rolling around the follow me and taking off, the mission seems to be stuck. I remember this mission from a couple years ago where the C-130 crashes first with the emergency forces then driving to it. Can someone else please double check? Running the newest version of the DCS Ope
  5. Before rolling(either taxing or take-off) fully cycle all controls. This might fix some future tracks in regard to obvious lack of inputs within the track.
  6. My first suspicion is that something is odd with the spectacle files. Are you using default, so: {"f18c1", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC ,"F18C_1_DIF_RoughMet",true}; ?
  7. I'm messing about with the numbers on the vertical stabilizer. Is it possible to have the Finnland/Switzerland numbers location on an USA jet? Or is the location of the numbers bound to an argument that only changes with the country? Thanks a lot for tips in advance. :)
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