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  1. My Warthog throttle levers are not binding to the 47's RPM and Manifold Pressure (throttle) same as "hughesj2" complaint. Please describe steps to: 'manually pick the correct axis for prop/throttle'? Thanks, florate
  2. Thank you for your suggested video, it helps and is appreciated. florate
  3. Thank you AMEDooley, I have downloaded the 476th checklist and it appears to be very complete and just what I am looking for. florate
  4. Thank you Theodore42, your NATOPS suggestion is very helpful. florate
  5. F/A-18C Preflight Checklist? Have I overlooked the obvious or is there not a preflight checklist for the airplane?
  6. Have I overlooked the obvious or is there not a preflight checklist for the airplane in DCS?
  7. I tried cleanup and repair but no help so I uninstalled Open Beta and downloaded and installed the Stable version. I have only run the new installation a few times but so far it seems to be running OK. There must have been something in a recent Open Beta update that my system (GeForce 1080) could not handle. I am hoping the problem is resolved in follow on Open Beta updates before it migrates into a Stable version update. DCS Support was helpful to look through the logs and advice me which procedures to try. I printed the cleanup and repair procedures for later use if they are needed.
  8. Have there been similar crash reports for the DCS "stable" version?
  9. I am experiencing the exact results as "michelip" including the small screen which turns black and becomes totally unresponsive. I have Win 7, 64 Pro, a 1080 TI graphics card and plenty of free space on the 500Gb solid state hard drive upon which DCS resides. I should add that I also hope for support from DCS or anyone else who breaks the code.
  10. Does anyone happen to happen to know if CH Pro pedals will work with TM Stick and Throttles? I plugged the pedals in but so far, no luck.
  11. Thanks folks, based on your replies I am going to switch to 10. I have also been told that 10 has more robust security.
  12. Is "DCS World" happy with MS Windows 10? With which Windows OS is it the happiest???
  13. I have downloaded "Builder" but haven't used it yet. A clever idea especially for VR users looking for temporarily forgotten commands.
  14. Superb guide is just the right description. I downloaded most of them.
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