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  1. I highly recommend FAA's helicopter flying handbook. It's free. https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/helicopter_flying_handbook/
  2. I'd like to return to the original topic. Komrad described the problem as "a shocking case of aliasing". Unfortunately I share the experience. I have tried different AA settings and resolutions with no success. If someone comes up with a solution, please let us know.
  3. Similar things will happen even in commercial full-motion Level-D simulators. I have tried it a couple of times - funny things will happen. In fact, Airbus does not recommend the pilots to train specific "out of envelope" conditions, because they can't guarantee realistic behavior and fear "negative training".
  4. That's a bit generalizing. Looking at the charts of a TV3-117V powered Mi-24 (2x2200 HP), it can hover out of ground effect at max takeoff weight (11500kg) and an outside air temperature of 35°C. (sea level) The Mi-24P that we will see in game is coming with TV3-117VMA engines, which are rated at 2400 HP each. So it performs even better. (I just don't have the performance charts for it)
  5. Thanks everyone! That's a great motivation and I am already working on part 2.
  6. It makes a big difference, if you fly a helicopter according to real / realistic procedures and techniques. These are often times quite restrictive, because they are made to work, even if systems (engines) fail. If you learn to operate in this envelope, then takeoffs, approaches and landings will work out better. What I have seen a lot in videos and multiplayer missions is that players will usually do everything that is possible within the DCS limitations. And that is ok - everyone has his own concept of simulator flying.
  7. Hi everyone! In the past two weeks I have been working on a some video content about the Mi-24P. Part one is released. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/4vPuAOr1uxM
  8. I agree! The Mi-8 for me is the best ever created simulation of a helicopter for the consumer market. I'm very optimistic that the Mi-24 will be a great product. And I think the Alexander, as the module lead - has taken the right decisions when it comes to including specific features and postponing / excluding others.
  9. Hey. I have not yet found a book that covers tactics specifically. But you can try looking for "Боевое применение вертолёта в Афганистане" and "вертолетная тактика Афганской войны" and use Yandex translate (best Russian - English translator). Here's an interesting article to start with: http://otvaga2004.ru/boyevoe-primenenie/boyevoye-primeneniye04/afgan-vertolety-mi24/ If you find something interesting, it would be cool if you would share! Greetings, Viktor
  10. I think most of us would be happy to pay for an update of the visual model as well as a helicopter DLC (as mentioned earlier).
  11. That would definitely be a very useful feature!
  12. Dear Viper! Thank you for this amazing piece of software! I love it. Question regarding flight times: How are turns calculated? "Fly over" or "Fly by"? Or does the software not include turn time calculation?
  13. Dear Belsimtek developers! I would like to request a Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) in the flight deck. Why? The NS430 is a great device. I have spent hundreds of hours turning its' knobs in real life - it's really almost like a little FMC and it's great to have it in the Mi-8. Flying online multi-squad missions under realistic conditions this is a tool that will help you a lot! However the screen is a bit small and located on the pilot-navigator's side of the cockpit. A CDI on the captain's side could act as a "repeater". (Set up your flightplan and just follow your CDI). It
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