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  1. I got it updated just now but I had to completely uninstall DCS and reinstall open beta without transferring the modules over from stable. It's a mess but at least it's working again. Update: I reinstalled each module individually and found that it was the Persian Gulf map that was causing my problem. I still can't install and update that without it freezing on me. Thankfully I am able to use all the other modules I have.
  2. I'm glad it worked for you. I'm still having freezing issues and still stuck at 16,420.5 Mb remaining. It's been nearly a month and even support doesn't seem to be able to figure this out. OB won't update. Stable crashes every time I run it and even causes my graphics card to need to be reinstalled. I may need to just delete DCS completely and move on if this keeps up. :cry:
  3. More miss than hit. :P The last time I tried updating I got it up to 9 GB downloaded when it stopped. I canceled the download, started it again, and had to start the download all the way from scratch. :cry:
  4. Same thing here and it's not my ISP. If I can update every game I have (except DCS) in a matter of minutes and play mmo's I should be able to get a 24 GB update for DCS done in a day. So far it's been at least a week and I still have 16,420 MB left. Sent a ticket and submitted all the information I was asked for and heard nothing back. I basically just gave up on updating it. I just check the forums to see if anythings been fixed yet.
  5. I've found that if I use only 90%-95% throttle and no more, then it works every time. But if I go over 95% then it jams and I need to start all over.
  6. Can you give a link to that discussion? I'd love to read it.
  7. After experimenting for the last 2 days I found that the Clipped wing version is ok. Just turn the gunsight on 30 seconds after taking off. The Standard wing on the other hand has the issue regardless. Just try to aim a few centimeters above the nose and you'll hit your target. It's difficult, but possible.
  8. You're right. Something has changed on the Dora since the second to last update. I've been flying it the most out of all the WW2 planes for years and now I find that taking off is more of a pain than before, flight is more difficult, and landing properly is far worse than before. I used to be real good with the Dora taking off and landing perfectly (better than I do in the P-5 1 or the 109) now it's my worst plane.
  9. The thing is no one is flying this because it's their job. Those pilots went through training and medical clearance to get into the cockpit of these jets. This, on the other hand, is a simulation. A game. Why make it so only certain people can use it? From a business stand point: why cut out a portion of sales that could boost the profit margin of the company and allow them to continue making quality simulators? If you can sell 1,000 modules without an option and make $70,000 that's fine. But if you can sell 1,100 and make $77,000 just by adding a few lines of code to allow a few more peopl
  10. It's not so much people getting motion sickness from it (although I can see that being a problem for a few). It's more the eye strain and seizure problems I've been concerned about. DCS does have a warning about epileptic seizures but the low update/refresh rate and stuttering on the HUD would certainly make it worse and people who otherwise don't have a problem with DCS could easily end up with seizures or enough eye strain to make it unplayable for them. I'm all for making the plane as close to reality as possible but a simple option to make the refresh/update rate faster for those who do
  11. I don't think anyone was asking Heatblur to make the refresh rate fast for everyone. Just to put an option in for those how have trouble with (or don't like) the slower refresh rate. So it's not so much catering to a few people as it's making sure they can reach the entire potential market. After all, no company survives for long if they limit their customer base too far. After watching the newest video I can say I won't have a problem. The refresh isn't slow enough to hurt my eyes but others may have problems. Having an option would be a good idea but I won't be needing it myself if they k
  12. They did something similar to me when I landed my F-5. They seem to have bad depth perception. :P
  13. The problem was definitely the governor switch. I had it set to manual instead of automatic. Well, case closed. :P Thanks, amazingme. I probably wouldn't have caught it if you didn't mention it.
  14. The radiator was set to Auto but the pitch governor could very well be the problem. I'll need to test it out when I get back home. ;)
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