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  1. +1, but the key word there is 'potential'. I've sent mine back for all the reasons you already mentioned. The worst aspect was that when you are holding the (physical) throttle, Leap Motion thinks you have a clenched fist, shows the blue line and all sorts of stuff can then be activated, e.g. emergency jettison! Nice idea, but needs a lot of development work doing to make it viable in DCS.
  2. No, T/O trim is not the same. Sets it to 12. I don’t understand what you mean about resetting roll trim. What do you have the button bound to?
  3. Strange that this issue is just ignored as far as we know. I mean, what is the point in having brightness controls if they are permanently full on, and still the MFD isn't bright enough.
  4. Default no trim? How do you assign that in the Hornet?
  5. Why use rotaries for on/off when you’ve got so many other switches. They are meant for things like brightness (HUD, lower MFD, etc.), radio selection, trim, etc. Anything that has a rotary selector knob in the cockpit.
  6. Has BD gone to ground? Haven't heard from him in quite a while now.
  7. Don, as discussed before, this shader doesn’t mod your install, it simply adds a few files into the bin folder. If you don’t like what you see, then just remove them. No harm done.
  8. It’s not essential, but really good to have. i use it mostly for start up stuff, and the rotaries are really useful as well. Not to mention the gear lever. if anyone is on the fence, just go for it!
  9. Yep, so I bought a Leap Motion controller to use in DCS VR and I'm having a stack of issues. 1) whenever I try to run any apps in the Leap Gallery, I just get a 'controller not connected' type error message. 2) in Visualizer (and in DCS) I can see the hands OK, but fingers don't work properly in certain parts of the screen. If I move an outstretched fingers hand around, in certain locations, some fingers move to a closed position when they shouldn't do. This makes using the device useless in DCS as certain cockpit functions are activated by mistake! 3) Also, in DCS, I'm confused by blue lines and green lines emitting from the hands when fist clenched. What is the difference between the colours? 4) I can't see what the 'action' gesture is. When there is a button to press, then that works OK by just touching it with a 'finger', but when there is a 2 or 3 way switch, or a menu option, I can't tell how to action those. 5) it stops my PC from sleeping. I have to disconnect it after each use. So far, I would agree with @streakeagle and say it is a waste of money for DCS. But, I'm happy to be proven wrong as I might be missing something here. I agree with that. I don't think it's a ED thing as the same tracking issues are seen in Leap Motion apps.
  10. Ok, so I bought the Leap Controller and my initial thought is that it has potential. Works well with MFDs etc. however, I don’t really get what is going on with blue and green lines emerging, what gestures do what, etc. Does anyone know of a guide to using this thing?
  11. As we've discussed before Don, there is something not right about that. SteamVR SS certainly should work in DCS, and work well, with the VP2.
  12. Not if you want to control when the missile is launched. I always use one press to lase and second press to fire.
  13. Too many games with 32 button/axis limit to make linking a viable alternative. I use mine separately after not being able to use a single button on my CP2 in ED!
  14. I use it mostly for swapping between VR and TIR settings as well as easy updating.
  15. For a long time now, I have felt that this app is the #1 essential add on for DCS. Looking at the fist page, it shows that the latest update has been downloaded only about 2,000 times! Why isn't everyone using this tool?
  16. That is correct. The ‘import duty’ is simply VAT, and there is a small courier fee as well. Sometimes, you get away with being charged at all, but not often!
  17. Hmm, fast shipping times, special offers on free delivery. I hope this is a good thing, and not a slowing in demand.
  18. Software versions don’t work that way. you go from 2.7.9 to 2.7.10, etc.
  19. Well, as you can see from posts above on this page, it looks like the dev has abandoned this project, sadly.
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