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  1. I always run the latest nVidia drivers. Never seen any of them make any difference whatsoever!
  2. It's all very strange. We have almost the same settings, although I run at 90% and you are at 80%, and we have the same basic hardware, yet you see double images and I don't. Can't explain it, sorry.
  3. You're running at 80% SteamVR SS, so that should be OK, and all your SteamVR settings are the same as mine. I just can't explain why you are having issues. Your DCS settings are similar to mine except for a few. Try Terrain Textures at medium, Shadows at low, and Cockpit Global Illumination at OFF. Probably will make no difference, but these are the only differences between your and my DCS settings.
  4. Sure, but it should be at 60 most of the time.
  5. Extreme should be 120 or 60. It should only be 40 when really struggling.
  6. Not sure what’s going on. A couple of points though, I would say always run the latest beta software for Vive Console and SteamVR. Also, bear in mind that Stuart’s (speed of heat) guide was for the G2. Might not be appropriate for the VP2. Still, no, I’m not seeing the effect you mention.
  7. Can you try running at 50% SteamVR SS and see if the issue still exists? Also, post your DCS settings. (As an aside, I don’t recommend Kegetys mod as it can cause graphical artefacts, and on higher spec hardware, I have never seen any performance benefit. )
  8. It would be useful to put your hardware in your signature, or at least list it. What resolution does SteamVR state for 100% when you have Ultra set?
  9. From what you said in another thread, I think you’re SS is too high. Can I suggest we move this discussion to the main VP2 one as we are way OT here?
  10. OK, so I made an interesting discovery today. A few days ago, I switched to using 120Hz and was surprised how good the performance was. Today, I realised why, at least in part. The resolution is backed off a lot when you switch to 120Hz. At 100%, SteamVR shows 3320x3320 for 90Hz, and 2868x2868 for 120Hz. See attached. Maybe you guys already noticed this, but it was certainly new to me.
  11. No, it doesn’t. Motion Smoothing is not switchable on in SteamVR for the VP2, and neither is Reprojection. Motion Compensation is available in Vive Console, but it doesn’t work well. See previous comments.
  12. Sorry, not sure what you mean. No SteamVR Motion Smoothing/Reprojection options are available to the VP2.
  13. It seems better performance all round at 120. Looks better and feels smoother to me.
  14. Yes, me too. I’ve found I’m almost always on 60, except on SC, of course!
  15. Well, Motion Smoothing is not available to the VP2, but certainly it’s Motion Compensation option is poor. Works very nicely with it switched off though. Works differently to Motion Smoothing when off as it still holds a steady 45 FPS rather than jumping around.
  16. Each to his own, obviously, but for me the sweet spot on the VP2 is way larger than my Index was. Btw, the cross eye thing is easily solved with the ED cross eye utility.
  17. My CPU times are (more or less) always way less than the GPU ones. I don’t know anything about AMD CPUs, but could that be part of the problem, do you think? What res (pixels) is SteamVR reporting for your at 150%?
  18. Just a side point, he means use a virtual axis OR joystick gremlin. Not and. 2 separate options.
  19. I'm afraid I'm not seeing the behaviour you describe at all. At 90%, i don't see any stuttering to talk about at the side view, and at 150%, I'm seeing horrible frame times of 20ms+, but no stuttering outside either. What does SteamVR say for number of pixels at 150%? I'm also mystified by the FOV comparison. Obviously, it depends on where you have positioned the lenses with the adjustment knob, but it is easy to see the difference in the SteamVR home 'moonscape' scene where the 45 degree radial lines are drawn from your position. With the VP2 I see much wider than the 2 45 degree lines , whereas with the G2, I was just seeing the lines at the periphery.
  20. I had the first batch of G2, and I never experienced any sound issues at all.
  21. Depends, if you are tight on cash, then no, but if you don't mind spending a few hundred and sell your G2, then yes, I would recommend it. Better in almost all ways than my G2.
  22. Yep, must be something else going on. But, I would still highly recommend NOT using Auto res. At 90% (~3000x3000), I'm getting a solid good looking 45 fps. In fact, I might change my view on recommending Ultra, as yesterday, I went back to using Extreme - native at 120Hz - setting in Vive Console, and to my surprise I am getting a pretty rock solid 60 fps. Another thing worth mentioning, is HAGS. That affects performance a lot, and also changes the pixel count at the same SS %age. What do you have that set to? I would recommend it be switched off.
  23. I would not recommend using auto as you have no idea what it is going to set your resolution to. Set it to ultra and vary the SteamVR SS values. 150% is way too high, IMO. I’m not surprised you’re getting FPS in the 20s.
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