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  1. The option was always there, but most of us felt that it could only be accessed when running DCS. The 'include in VR library' allows us to change the setting without running DCS.
  2. Not too sure what your point is. If a target is designated by TGP or WPDSG, making the MAV SOI will slave the MAV to the target. Then, press undesignate and you can slew the MAV cursor around by pressing TDC depress. It retains its position after undesignate. What I find annoying is that the TGP doesn't retain position after undesignate. Never understood why that is correct behaviour.
  3. Now that is a really useful tip. I didn't even notice the 'include in VR library' option before. Thanks!
  4. Hmm, didn't notice any distortion, but certainly not comfortable enough, even though it does increase the FOV a bit.
  5. Yes and no. The 100% value is confirmed by HP to be the recommended res for running the G2 without any distortion, and give or take a few pixels its constant. There isn't any 'should be 3164x3092'. Varies a little between systems/devices. My 100% is 3172x3096. You're within a few pixels, so all is good.
  6. Hmm, can you post your mission? Or is it a standard one?
  7. It's all down to the individual and what is best for you. IMO, running at 29% makes a nonsense of having a G2 in the first place. It is designed to run at 100% (approx 3100x3100). Anything less introduces barrel distortion, and anything less than 54% is running it at below native res. Obviously lowering the render rate will give you more fps, but at a quality compromise. Individual choice. I run at 100% with MP on, and I get a very smooth rock solid 45 fps (except SC and channel map) with frame times usually between 10 and 16 ms. But, as I said, it's about whatever makes you happy.
  8. Take your point, that does seem to suggest that it is 54% in both General and DCS app specific, giving 29% in total. That might explain quite a lot. That is very low res.
  9. No, he's running at 54% in total. You can tell by the res figure in the first post. It's just higher than native, which means around 54%. He will have general at 100%.
  10. Before I ordered the VRCover pads, I was wondering about that as well as I also have prescription lenses fitted. However, I have found that isn't an issue. It doesn't allow you to go right on top of the lenses. As I said above, there is a bit of an improvement in the FOV using this mod, but is it worth the big loss of comfort compared to the original pad? Not sure.
  11. Thanks. I got perfect results on that (very useful) test page.
  12. Sebastian measured the G2 to have wider FOV than G1 as we’ve seen already. It would be interesting to know why @DerekSpeareis seeing a negative difference. A lot of this is down to face shape, eyesight, etc., but I don’t see this as a general issue judging by overall reaction and evidence
  13. Yep, agreed. I tried as well, and although there is an improvement in FOV, the loss of comfort - which probably is the biggest improvement over the G1 - wasn’t worth the 3 week delivery wait from VRCovers! Tbh, I don’t see much difference in the FOV between G1 and G2, but, of course, any improvement is welcome.
  14. Excuse me if I wholeheartedly disagree.
  15. So you don’t think the G2 has better audio, better controllers, better comfort, better cable, better IPD control, better tracking, etc.? Oh well.... I wouldn’t take my G1 back. Each to his own, I guess.
  16. Mark, I don't know if this will help or answer your question, but here are some examples. Remember, the App Specific %age is a multiplier of whatever you have set in General. Examples: General 50% and DCS App specific 100% give approximately 2200 pixels per axis. (Native res for the purposes of this simplified example, and the base figure for the multpier comparison.) 100% and 100% gives 3100, i.e. 2x the number of pixels in total compared to 'native res' above. 200% and 100% gives 4400, i.e. 4x pixels. If you increase the DCS App Specific to 200%, then you get the following: 50%/200% 3100, 2x pixels 100%/200% 4400, 4x pixels 200%/200% 6400, 8x pixels. The App Specific multiplier is only there to allow you vary the SS per game. Personally, I have it set to 100% as I am happy having the same General 100% for all my VR games. Using the DCS slider has the same effect as using the General one. So, for example, a General 100% with DCS 200% is the exact same thing as a 200% General and a 100% DCS. So, you should be seeing the same effect whichever way you do it. However, there comes a point at high SS levels, that you stop seeing a difference (and your PC grinds to a halt!) I hope this makes some kind of sense and I hope it's correct. Mornings are not good for me!
  17. I have the same issue with a fairly new Virpil CM2 throttle. Don't think the potentiometer is at fault here.
  18. Mark, don't use the controllers for this, use the mouse. Also, I recommend using Skate's utility for all things DCS. Much easier clicking on the 'Launch' button there than having to double click on a smaller icon.
  19. Not sure where you get that from. I have 118 Hornet IA and single missions in my DCS install, and only 104 F-14. +1 to that. Obviously, it's purely a personal preference, but I just couldn't/can't get on with the whole RIO/Jester thing. It's a complete immersion breaker.
  20. Sorry to post this again, but all is explained here Using SteamVR with Windows Mixed Reality - Enthusiast Guide | Microsoft Docs
  21. BN has it disabled in the SteamVR DCS settings, so it is off. Personally, I would recommend switching it on. I think it works extremely well with WMR and getting a very smooth 45fps is a great VR experience in DCS. I find having variable frame rates through the range to be less enjoyable. For me, if MP is off, the smoothness just disappears. As the great cliche goes, YMMV!
  22. Don't get too excited guys. Playing MSFS in VR makes you realise how wonderful DCS is! The OpenXR slider just varies the render resolution like SteamVR SS does, EXCEPT that at 50% (as the guy in the video was talking about ) it creates a horrible distortion. Probably the barrel distortion talked about so often here. If you can live with that, then it does look OK, but personally, I feel it is so much better to use the in-game render scale as it does not create the distortion effect.
  23. Yep, as I said, some things can be worked around. Of course it's impossible to keep up with all the changes. No criticism intended. Sorry, but there is nothing unknown about the 24 clicks. I have counted them on my CM2, and this has been mentioned before on the Virpil forum, I think.
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