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  1. I think it was here, or may have been on Marianas (where the issue is the same), where someone tried that. But, it didn’t work. Very frustrating all round.
  2. Hmm, I don't have most of these. Do you want to raise it?
  3. Should we report it as a bug or has it been done already?
  4. Is everyone seeing this sort of thing in the Spit controls listing?
  5. Still no resolution of this issue after today's DCS update.
  6. Sadly, still no progress on this issue after today's DCS update.
  7. imacken


    Oh well, just an idea! Thanks.
  8. imacken


    Is there any way to swap out some of the switches in the CP2 for these?
  9. imacken


    You can’t connect 2 CPs, I’m afraid.
  10. Mine has to go to Romania, and with all the hassles that Brexit has caused, this could mean I am without VR for quite a long time!
  11. Don, I sympathise. I am having issues with my VP2 as well. In my case, I am getting regular Bluetooth connection errors. Vive support - who are very slow to respond - are suggesting it might be the Link box, so I'm trying to get that exchanged.
  12. Try using the slider z-axis. It is most commonly used for zoom, and works perfectly.
  13. I think the thread zildac is referring to is this However, although a lot of that is still relevant, the software has changed and the method is a little different now. What version are you on @CrashAlot
  14. It's in your main install fodler, e.g. E:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta
  15. Excellent news! Your amazing utility is not really usable in VR without the virtual keyboard, so I'm still using the older version.
  16. Has anyone managed to get the keyboard into the latest version yet?
  17. Yep, I remember now. Why every DCS player doesn’t use this amazing utility, I will never understand. It sits permanently open on my desktop.
  18. Presets are the main reason I use this utility. The built in method introduced by ED is just not the same. I have one for monitor, and one for VR. Just select from the drop down. Can’t remember what was clunky about the ED approach, but it just doesn’t work as nicely as the one used here.
  19. Guys, let me just chip in here. It is not a good idea to bind these button 2/3 and 14/15 encoders to switches, e.g. course and heading, as they need to be held down and the encoders don't do that. They work perfectly in rotary dials, but work particularly well when set to axis in the VPC software button-to-axis process. I use them for HUD brightness and HMD brightness as axes, but even as buttons, they work OK for those. Make sure you have them set to buffered in VPC software as well. Re zoom, they won't work as buttons, but sort of do as axis. However, I would highly recommend the more 'normal' z-axis for zoom. that is really what it is for.
  20. Nevada has always worked! It’s only Syria and Marianas that don’t.
  21. Hmm, just tried the new version in VR and I can't see the mod box at all! Works OK in TrackIR. I'm sure it's something obvious!
  22. Thanks, it's just different to how Capitan Orso described how it worked. Any ideas on the onscreen keyboard? Offer by @kaltokri above?
  23. Doesn't seem to work that way for me. The white dot doesn't move with the scratchpad window. I have to move the map over the white dot. The scratchpad window moves independently of the white dot for me. Also, as Stuart (SOH) asked above, is anyone able to get the onscreen keyboard working in this new version? Pretty essential in VR.
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