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  1. Good luck with that. It’s been a sticky forever on Virpil forums https://forum.virpil.com/index.php?/topic/1980-warning-pc-wont-bootrebootsleep-with-virpils-device/
  2. Yep, I never use this map in VR. Unplayable atm. Let’s hope there are improvements planned.
  3. I’ve had no problems with DCS and Windows 11 over the last few months.
  4. Pretty sure jpg doesn't work. Try png.
  5. Can you let us know what you did, so we can all get it working?
  6. There isn't a terrain.cfg.lua file, just a terrain.cfg.lua.pak.crypt for me.
  7. Yep, and I tend to think this is just an oversight as all previous terrains work ok. I’m no programmer, but this would appear to be a fairly simple fix. Having said that, it seems like a strange coincidence that Marianas has the same issue.
  8. I totally understand. No criticism intended! I really am a little concerned about various things re Virpil atm. The software is one. I have been testing the beta version for months now, and the new features work really well, and have done for a long time. I am mystified by why this was not released some time ago. I am also concerned about NVV. He has not responded to my feedback for a long time now and doesn’t reply to messages. I also haven’t seen him on the forums for some time. Could be related. I also have some concerns about the fact that stuff bought on their site now has 1-2 week lead time. It used to be months! Add to that summer offers re delivery etc., I really wonder what is going on at Virpil. Might be nothing, but…..
  9. As I said when you posted this in a thread on the Virpil forums, HavocCompanyClan's (aka HC_Official) videos are very valuable tools for people who are new to how Virpil devices work. However, some of them are outdated and are not relevant any more. The one you link to is a good example of this. This video was done some time ago, and is using software that is well over 2 years old. The section on Encoders - what we are discussing here - is not really relevant any more. The types available, including Encoder12 and Encoder24 no longer exist, and the way delays are managed have changed also from the 0/1 options of the Delay Timer in the video. I know it's very time consuming, but @HC_Official, it would be nice to refresh some of the incredibly useful, but older, videos to catch up on the software.
  10. Well, that path has never worked for me. Only the path from the DCS install folder works for me - except Marianas and Syria, as we have discussed. I posted in the Syria bugs forum, and apparently these 2 bugs were reported on several weeks ago.
  11. Thanks for that. Do you know if the same issue in Marianas has been reported?
  12. There is a thread on this here but I think Wags mentioned that we should post bugs in this forum, so that's what I'm doing! Basically, the Kneeboard folder doesn't work in the Syria Map (nor the Marianas one). That's the E:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\terrains\MarianaIslands\Kneeboard folder.
  13. Just for interest's sake, here are grabs to show Normandy working.
  14. I appreciate everything you are doing here. I think there is some confusion though. All I am saying is that the main DCS terrain kneeboard folder doesn’t work for me in the Marianas and Syria maps. The Normandy map folder has always worked for me. Strange how we have different results. Great that you’ve filed a bug report!
  15. I have no idea what you are talking about. I’m simply correcting what Flappie said. Nevada works fine. Not sure what your issue is. I appreciate what Flappie is doing, but frankly it shouldn’t take that to solve something that has been talked about for months now. And to be clear, Flappie is not ‘putting in a ticket’ for me, this is something that affects all DCS users.
  16. That’s not my experience. All terrains work ok in DCS/Mods/Terrains/xxxx/Kneeboard except Marianas and Syria. I don’t understand why this has not been fixed. Surely just a 1 line code thing!
  17. Ah ok, the rest of the thread was about the knee board folder not working in this map. Sorry!
  18. Sorry, I don’t really understand what you mean. Does that not just add it for any particular mission or am I not understanding?
  19. The manuals are always in the 'Doc' folder of the module installation location.
  20. Yep, it’s a complete pain and very easily fixed I would think as you suggest. Marianas is the same, and that’s an ED map!
  21. After today's patch, still not working.
  22. After today's update, still not working. @NineLineany progress on your investigation?
  23. Thanks. It’s an issue with the Syria and Mariana maps apparently. Been reported as bugs in both cases. I’m not holding my breath in the case of Ugra!
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