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  1. OK, so I tried the export.lua route, and that has made no difference. See attached. Still crashing in every session. I'll try the rename the Saved Games folder a bit later. This is weird! dxdiag.txt dcs.20211217-095711.log
  2. Useful, but it’s not about individual missions. An example being putting airfield data in for all missions like we can do for every map except Syria and Marianas.
  3. Hmm, I don’t use any of these, and the file in question was created months ago. Only been in the last few days I’ve had the issue. I’ll try your suggestion in a little while. thanks a lot.
  4. Thanks, I’ll give that a go when I’m back at my PC. What does the Export.lua file do? What is a custom version generated by?
  5. Recently, DCS is just crashing to desktop regularly for me. It seems to be the same situation that I had some time ago, i.e. first mission OK, but then crashing on the second. Any ideas? dcs.log
  6. I have never even looked at Defender settings. Good for me, not good for you, Don. That’s the way the PC world is.
  7. I have owned both sticks, and couldn’t get on with the CM2 grip. Levers and switches just seemed awkward compared to the ergonomically pleasing Alpha grip. I have my Alpha on a Virpil desk mount and it is a joy to use.
  8. I decided on the TM TPR Pendular pedals. V expensive, but well worth it, imo. The pendular motion means you get no side-to-side motion like you do in more conventional designs.
  9. Don, I originally did an in-place upgrade from W10 and had no issues. I didn't change any settings at all. However, I also did a clean install a couple of weeks ago when I got my new Z690 mobo and 12700K CPU, and that has been completely trouble free as well. I'm running Home version. Nothing in Pro that interests me.
  10. imacken


    Surely, you can just change the switch type in VPC software to do what you want.
  11. Great! I have just had 2 days of trouble free play on my VP2 and W11. Never had an issue at all with W11 and the Vive. Like all these things, if it was a general problem, it would be easy to fix, but if it's only a few, then it's not!
  12. Don, out of interest, what version of the Vive software are you running?
  13. Sure, it is difficult to diagnose issue at times. However, the current standard of 'technical' support to consumers from most companies is appallingly low. The standard procedure is that if the normal troubleshooting steps that they can read off a card don't work, then they have no idea and just ask for the parts to be RMA'd. Inevitably, that means just replacing the part rather than looking for a solution. A perfect example of a company who does actually offer proper tech support is Virpil. They will talk you through every aspect of getting to the bottom of whatever the issue is.
  14. That response from HTC sounds like ‘we have no idea what your problem is’ BS.
  15. Eh, because it is vastly superior! Been using it trouble free for many months now in beta builds stream. Day one, all good out of the box. Just my humble opinion though.
  16. More bad news. Vive - who diagnosed my BT problem to be down to the link box after they looked at my logs - have now - after almost 2 weeks since I sent it to Romania - told me that there was nothing to repair and they are sending the box back to me. Pathetic. Looks like the next step will be to send back the whole kit. Getting pretty annoyed about all sorts of tech companies support ability these days.
  17. Well, the only issue I have had with the VP2 is the occasional BT disconnect and that was the same in W10 and W11.
  18. You’ve got to set the power management settings to make them sleep or power down. Otherwise they will always remain on.
  19. Don, quick question, do you have any yellow exclamation marks showing in Device Manager?
  20. Until you try her, you’ll never know! She has transformed my life, taking control of lights, speakers, hifi, kettles, plugs, etc. Saying ‘VR off’ to switch off my VP2, or lying in bed on a cold morning and saying ‘kettle on’, then going down to the kitchen to find a just-boiled kettle, is bliss!
  21. yep, I’ve used smart plugs for some time with my VR headsets. can I also add that combined with Alexa, they work really nicely.
  22. Well, as I said, I had this issue on and off with my Index, and any other headset that has used the base stations. I think you’ve just had bad luck with the VP2.
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