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  1. Are you referring to on or off? The 'off' with the juddering dials etc. has been there with every headset I've owned CV1, VP1, Reverb, Index, G2 and now VP2. Most people don't notice it, but if you move (not turn) your head left to right, you'll see it when you look at cockpit dials. I'm seeing rock solid 45 fps with 70% SS. The motion smoothing is nothing like as good as SteamVR on the G2.
  2. That's always been the killer for me. That's why I have always used motion smoothing/reprojection/compensation in previous headsets. However, this implementation by Vive is poor, with liquid type effects which are horrible. At the moment, for me, it's not great either way. Liquidy when on, and blurry cockpit on head side to side when off. Not great.
  3. Thanks guys. At the moment, I can see nothing with the VP2 that's going to tempt me away from the G2. No improvement in image quality, sweet spot or focus area. Audio is a downgrade. Comfort is poor compared to G2. Headset feels just like my old VP1 (of course) and feels rather heavy and a bit dated to me. After a session, I feel a little VR weary in the eyes and head generally. Still sometimes these things take time to evaluate properly, so I'll carry on testing. PS I tried that alignment tool with a headset before (might have been the VP1) and I ju
  4. I gave up on Vive with my pre-order. Cancelled it and got next day delivery from Amazon. My initial impressions are not good. However, I need to do a whole load of tweaking to say for sure. Things I'm seeing immediately that I don't like. 1) horrible light leak at the sides of the face pad, and I have quite a wide face. 2) not seeing any great increase in FOV over G2 3) not liking the motion compensation effects BUT the worst thing is, 4) horrendous cross-eye effects. Any time there is an overlay, e.g. fpsVR or even the headset IPD adj
  5. Not broken for me. Never has been. Works fine.
  6. Of course, I understand BN, it's just that the Hornet bugs make it difficult to use in a lot of scenarios, and I'm just a little surprised that this is deemed to be OK for stable. Just my opinion.
  7. Yes, I should have said that the crashes have hugely reduced, and similarly the jumping clouds. I guess now it’s more the horrible cloud aliasing at a distance and the huge VR performance hit on Ultra. The Hornet issues - particularly with target designating - are still major though.
  8. I am amazed that this OB version is going to stable with all the Hornet issues, the game crashes and the performance sucking jumping VR clouds. It certainly wouldn’t be described as stable by my definition.
  9. I wish I could see some movement on my pre-order. Nothing from Vive, and Amazon UK are offering delivery for Thursday!
  10. Guys, why don’t you take this into private messaging. The rest of us are getting bored with the bickering.
  11. I think it’s the same. Only difference is yours is a 3 pack with 18, 12 and 6mm. The 2 pack has 12 and 6mm which will be ok I think.
  12. Is this the one you guys have KIWI design VR Face Cushion for HTC VIVE, 12mm/6mm Pack Foam Pad Eye Mask Replacement for HTC VIVE with Clean Kit: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics?
  13. I’ve been extremely happy with the sound on the G1, Index and G2. The last thing I want is more wires and devices!
  14. It’s the sound I’m concerned about. It was the worst thing about the VP1 when I owned one. Absolutely no low end at all.
  15. Out of interest, how do you set WMR window to have no image or Cliff House? Just put on the headset, and click on DCS icon facing me in Cliff House. That auto loads SteamVR and WMR for SteamVR.
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