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  1. Eh, there is always the Training Mission - Cold Start.
  2. Hmm, pretty sure the problem you have in the track was down to flying at too slow a speed. I took over after you had set up, gained speed and it all works perfectly. See attached track. (BTW, what were all these turns for? Getting further and further away from the max range. I now a little time is required for the weapon to countdown, but...) JDAM_short IM.trk
  3. You can just import the old profiles, saves a lot of time.
  4. Looks nice. Is there a way of showing Contexts in the initial drop down list? Seems a little weird to have to go to File>Recent Contexts to do that, whereas it wold be nice to see them in the Library drop down list. EDIT: sorry, just noticed this can be done within Options!
  5. As Stuart (SOH) has said, I don't know why you are focussing on that type of scenario. We all see that kind of performance. You'll see the same with cold and dark missions at well populated airfields with all modules. Parked at, or flying over, busy airfields tends to be the most demanding scenario in DCS for CPU usage. It's about the only time - Supecarrier aside - that I am CPU bound. A good test is the Ready on the Ramp in Persian Gulf mission for the Hornet. That's the one I use for testing. Look around, taxi to runway, look at 'jaggies' the runway lines to see the effec
  6. Well, as you can see I have a 3090!!
  7. His system specs show just under his graphic. Be useful if you put yours in your sig.
  8. His PC specs are on his sig. very similar to mine.
  9. No, it doesn’t ‘start from there’, it ends there. The per app setting multiplier is applied to the general, main UI menu value. You are running at 200% as your general value is 200% and your in-game is 100%. Multiply them together and you get 200%. See my post above for an explanation. Still doesn’t explain why you are not getting the correct values for a G2 however.
  10. There is something weird going on. I mean, yes if you do a SCS left a second time on the stores page it doesn't change to AZ/EL, yet if you click the menu button (or go back into stores) then it does work. If you get that logic, then please explain.
  11. Is totally up to you what to use, but to say that NVMe drives are ‘useless’ is frankly ridiculous. There is a significant difference in every day Windows use, in my opinion, and for not much more money. It’s a no-brainer. But, I’ll leave you to your rant now.
  12. Yep, I see exactly the same as in that video when adjusting the slider when in SteamVR.
  13. He's just using the hardware IPD adjust slider. The graphic you see appears in your G2 when being adjusted.
  14. I'm afraid I would have to disagree. When I moved to NVMe - Samsung 970 EVO - for my boot drive, the difference in Windows performance was very striking. My boot time is about 2-3 seconds which is way faster than the time for my previous boot drive, a Samsung 860 EVO SSD. Even in normal Windows tasks it is much faster. I would agree that the performance in games isn't much better, but still, especially as the price difference is very small these days - £110 for 1Tb 860 compared to £150 for a 970 - I would recommend going for the NVMe all day long.
  15. OK, so I persevered. got it working, I think. Seems pretty useful. Getting the version numbers to show is a bit of a pain. The version number has to be in the text file name. In OvGME it just reads the content of a version.txt file.
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