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  1. Not sure, the tiny bomb damage radius in DCS has been discussed often enough. You just about do have to hit a tank roof to destroy it with a 250kg bomb! Anyway, I can't see that is any reason for the TDC - purely in this context - to be so difficult to control.
  2. Thanks. The weird thing is, if you switch on AUTO, it retains the WP you’re headed for and when you reach that, then it jumps back to WP1. Then, if you cycle through the sequence it seems to jump some.
  3. I'm resurrecting this thread as I seem to recall someone posted an explanation of how this should work, but I can't find it! So, the issue is, that when in the middle of a waypoint sequence, if you switch on AUTO and go to next WP, the sequence resets to WP1 and not the next in sequence as you would logically think.
  4. I disagree with almost everything said here. However, we just go round and round on these kind of points, and I'm sure people are becoming very bored with it all. I know I am. So, I won't go into any more detail. See many previous posts.
  5. Not necessarily. I have 24Gb VRAM.
  6. There are some things I am prepared to do for VR, but wine from a straw is not one of them!
  7. Although I use VR as my preferred mode, I still use TrackIR at times, e.g. when learning a new module and needing to reference documentation etc. Also, and more importantly, when I'm trying to drink a glass of wine. Drinking beer from a bottle is fine in VR with the long glass neck, but a wineglass is pretty tricky!
  8. Guys, as rob10 says, it has already been reported some time ago. For the moment, switch it off and on when that issue occurs.
  9. I would have to disagree about GR. I love their approach and I can easily forgive an error from time to time.
  10. Same for me, but it wasn't the optician lenses I had problems with, it was just the loss of comfort and gap around the nose that I didn't like. Even with the optician lenses, it worked satisfactorily to get closer and (slightly) increase the FOV.
  11. That's all there is at the moment. More will come as resources are diverted back to the Viper. IMO, the quality of some of these - particularly the more recent ones - is not up to the usual ED standard, but still, a very valuable DCS resource.
  12. OK, so I just can't reproduce your issue. I tried the same track at high speed just at boundary of zone, low speed, altitude 22,000, etc. and every time there was no issue with hitting the target. So, I don't know what is going on with you. I was probably wrong about the speed making a difference. Thought it di, but no.
  13. Eh, there is always the Training Mission - Cold Start.
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