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  1. 62AW is hosting one of our combat flight events this weekend. We're inviting the broader DCS community to join us. Please check out the promo site and if you have any questions or are interested in participating don't hesitate to DM me in Discord. Hope you all have a great rest of your 2020! https://promo.team-raven.com/operation-olive-branch http://discord.team-raven.com
  2. Not totally sure on the definition of "outside scripting" but I've had a good enough experience working with DCS's built-in environment. There's a lot to be desired but thanks to the Hoggit Wiki it has been accessible enough to build what my missions need.
  3. I apologize if this is in the wrong forum: I'm curious if ED has made available a version of the F/A-18 wallpaper on PG without the watermarks? If not, would it be possible for ED to provide one? I'd understand if not. Thanks in advance! Ref: https://www.facebook.com/eagle.dynamics/posts/today-have-a-new-hornet-wallpaper-this-one-has-our-hornet-flying-over-the-strait/10159760535275341/
  4. Yeah, I've had no luck getting it to work from cold start, also.
  5. There's a known issue with the Datalink pod not working in cold start. Could that be what you're experiencing?
  6. When running autostart in the F-14, the pilot says "turn off the ground power", to which the ground crew replies, "ground power is now connected. The same happens for air supply. Later, the pilot requests the disconnect, again, and the ground crew disconnects ground air/power. I've not noticed this when running startup manually.
  7. Update: Issue is back on the same mission without edits.
  8. Update: Saving the mission anew in the latest version seems to have solved the issue. May still require some investigation?
  9. Since, we noticed that the TACAN for Al Minhad AB in Persian Gulf for the F-18 doesn't work. On my initial approach the TACAN appeared somewhere over the water and then moved from North to West as I tried to fly towards the false TACAN location. Everyone else in the server was experiencing similar issues with the Al Minhad TACAN. We had no such issues prior to the last patch. We had no such issues using the Kasab Airfield TACAN, A/A TACAN between the 18s, and A/A TAcAN with a KC-135MPRS. In the below images, notice how I turn left and the position of the TACAN on the HSI. Als
  10. We're running several servers and only one of them is not working: 1. Windows 10, network #1, Host machine (aka "Great White"): Dashboard not working 2. Windows 10, network #1, Guest machine inside (aka "Pike"): Dashboard working 3. Windows 10, network #1, Host machine (aka "Jewfish"): Dashboard working 4. Windows 10, network #2, Guest machine in Linux (aka "Guppy"): Dashboard working 5. Windows 10, network #3, Guest machine in Linux (aka "West Coast"): Dashboard working 1. and 4. were, at first, had no working dashboard. Both servers were migrated from the old full-DCS install to th
  11. Is it possible to know whether the radar of a unit is functional or not? Often, you'll run SEAD on a unit and destroy its radar without destroying the vehicle. In the Lua or in the mission, is there a way to know when the unit is in that state? Is it correlated with a certain amount of HP?
  12. @Harker Thanks! It should be safe then to build out the mission with individual groups and assume that we'll be able to flight them up, later.
  13. Is it possible to setup a flight and/or section between DCS groups, similar to how you can do it manually with the Ka-50 and A-10C? There are mission-making implications with having them locked to groups. Namely, being able to send text/aduio to individual players.
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