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    where can I preorder the F15E?
  2. I feel like it's bugged. On my x56 I bound both throttle sticks to the throttle axis and the issue seems to have gone away
  3. ** disregard, thought I was in the F16 forum! **
  4. I just imported the one that they already made. Go into Mods/F16C/Input in your DCS game folder and you should find it in there. I only made a few small tweaks to it.
  5. probably something to do with its quick strike nature. it just stuck
  6. I'm really pumped, I like what I've seen so far. I haven't gone this deep since I first got the A10 module a few years back and dedicated my entire 2 week christmas break to learning it! If the F15E ever comes to fruition, I'll finally have all of my favorite combat sim modules from my childhood represented here. Ok except for the Apache but I don't expect to ever see that one! Great work so far on the Viper
  7. Have you confirmed this? Does it work in multiplayer?
  8. Try TDM down to put the tgp on your nose, then you should be able to slew it (make sure TGP is SOI)
  9. Is it possible to get gbu's to use jtac lase to hit targets?
  10. I've found that both on my x-55 hotas and on some keybinds (autopilot pitch hold to be precise) it requires you to hold the button rather than toggle it. Is this intentional? Is there a way to make it so I can for example assign A to the autopilot altitude hold and toggle it on and off by pressing A? Or on the dogfight modes on my thumb switch, so I don't have to hold it in a direction for AA?
  11. I'm using an X-55. I noticed that the master arm/off setting in controls seems to require the button to be held in that position, as do a number of other controls that are mapped on the throttle. Is there a way to change this to a toggle instead?
  12. I usually toggle Flight Director (can't remember if it's on or off lol), make my adjustments, click the trimmer to 'lock it in', then toggle FD again. The FD will remember your stick position when you clicked the trimmer and orient that way. The whole system didn't make sense to me until I realized that the trimmer is basically an autopilot in itself.
  13. We need a bit of a change in the system so that missions can be spawned and tasked to a specific slot or groups of slots, and only those slots have the mission details available to them. That doesn't mean that other slots may not come across those same missions targets but they wouldn't be directed to them. What would really be cool is if you had a sequence of missions spawned in order depending on pass/fail of the preceding mission, and assigned to specific slots or flight groups based on their capabilities. A BARCAP covering a SEAD followed by a Strike, for example.
  14. Once I realized that the trimmer is really an autopilot, it all clicked for me.
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