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  1. I have removed the nosepad on both my rift-s an reverb, so i can still glance at my keyboard from time to time. I'm in a pretty dark room so i dont get bothered with light coming trough.
  2. i have a 1080ti as well , and it runs pretty good. I've put my res in steam vr on 50%, no msaa and medium to low settings On the ww2 spitfire campaign, i had some bad time (heavy frames drops). But it was the same thing with my rift-s when i played that campaign a couple of years ago, altough the normandy map should be alot smoother nowadays. So its hard to compare, and most likely a cpu or memory problem due to the many units in those missions
  3. Omg this is a real gamechanger for me, especially for spotting ground targets! Still need to check out all the setting but so far i'm really impressed Thanks for this
  4. Had the same prob with the rift s, but no prob with my g2
  5. Ok thanks for the info, i might have to pull the trigger then
  6. I would really want to try the g2. But my pc is just on min specs for it. The prices of gpu's in europe are insane atm. I'm talking 2900 euros for a 3090. 1300 for a 3080. The g2 is only 640 though. Should i bother buying it with a 8700 k/1080ti? Or should i stick with the rift-s for now?
  7. Ok, thanks for clearing that up. Oddly enough the radios didn't need ground pwr in the first 2 missions, and in previously 2.5.5. Stable version. (I always turned on ground pwr after the radios and before alignment) Thanks!
  8. This mission is not working atm in current OB version. Comms with the flight lead are broken, and probably some other triggers. I just finished this mission succesfully in latest 2.5.5 stable version. Chevy 1-1 tells you what to do upon refueling like switching radar to silent mode, and to put the refuel light switch in middle position (under the drag chute handle) etc.
  9. Mission works in stable/release build!
  10. I've just read some older topics in the campaign section, and apparently alot of missions are messed up due to broken triggers since 2.5.6. So i'm gonna download a 2.5.5 version to play some campaigns. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. @RamsayAlright, but chevy 1-1 is not talking to you about the weather etc.. right before the F10 report to taxi? Just to confirm.
  12. I recently did a repair, don't have any mods and i'm on OB. I might install the stable version or an early version just for this campaign if i find the hd space.
  13. Thanks, yea first 2 mission no prob at all, was really enjoying this campaign so far. The IP constantly gives you new orders that divert you from flight plan, so having comms with them is essential.
  14. Thanks for the test, I don't think you have comms either, because chevy 1-1 should be talking about bad weather and the need to do an aerial refueling, before the report to taxi option. i get that F10 report option but hear only the player dialog it should go like in this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09ILPS_wmxY As for the taxi push there's indeed something weird as well if i report ready for taxi immediately before full startup he rolls out. But after alignment and startup not anymore i found out, at least on my side. Might be time sensitive or something dunno
  15. Yup i've read the briefing and im sure its supposed to be red radio (uhf) chnl 1, and battery is on. By now i checked all the channels on both radios. I also saw a yt video of this mission working on 2.5.5. and he was also on red chnl 1. Spacebar didn't work either unfortunately. I think the mission just broke with an update, happend before in other campaigns. If you or somebody has the time to check this mission and see if its bugged or not, would be very helpful. No rush The single mission is located at c:\Program files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\M-2000C\Mis
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