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  1. Excuse my ignorance please... :| ... but my current DCS folder is over 88GB (on a 120GB SSD that also has IL2 on it.... :( - so only 16GB free space - & I think the SSD needs about 30% free space to run properly). I have DCS Open Beta with Normandy + Assets, Caucausus - & I only really fly the P51 & the Spit LF IX. I'm getting VERY long load times (& VERY (silly) long DCS CLOSE times after I click to exit), and occasional stuttering & mini-freezes during flight. What can I do (including safe deletion of non-required stuff...?) safely to reduce the size of the DCS fo
  2. Many thanks - now in progress (somewhat more technical that I'd imagined.....).
  3. OK. Thanks - but did all that, have 2.1 & Normandy+Assets still not listed..... What now...?
  4. I pre-purchased Normandy+Assets, but now it seems I need DCS World 2.1 to download it...? (Normandy isn't listed for installation in my DCS 2.0.) How do I update to 2.1 (idiot guide please). No. Cancel that. The product description says it requires version 2.0 - which I have. So when will I see it listed as an option for installation....??
  5. As an 'aside' (while we wait), in the Spit LF IX is anyone currently using 'takeoff assistance'...?
  6. I absolutely agree there sir! I have very little experience of 'having control' IRL, but (from my couple of 'fun' lessons in a Cherokee, amounting to just 1.5 hrs, see link) I do remember the feel of the rudder pedals during taxiing - & it would definitely be nice to get that in sim. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIo8BsabwnI On finals, my instructor was happy enough to not re-take control until about 20ft above the runway.
  7. Thanks for coming back bongo - yeah I really do need to be more aware of wind direction,eh? Have to confess that I haven't been giving enough attention to that (still learning), but I will be now. Having said that, I just re-watched a successful circuit that I did about a week ago (well - there is a rather 'iffy' point during takeoff, but I was happy with the landing) and I'm not seeing a wind-sock anywhere..... is it just a case of 'feel' for it? See: I'm sure I must have plenty of things wrong here, but it illustrates the landing - which I find I'm in more control of now that I'v
  8. Folks - I was hoping to provide a link to a circuit in my Spit now that I've made some control setting changes and I'm much improved in my takeoff. I had a really nice Startup, Taxi, Takeoff, Circuit, Land, Taxi & Park - but it's a fish that got away due to the replay failing. Just to show this (and not wishing to go off-topic here), I've pasted a link in https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3012573#post3012573. This shows 2 different outcomes from the same replay.
  9. In case it's of any help..... 2 recordings with different outcomes - from the same replay (of 04Jan17).
  10. So, for anyone who might find it of interest, I've now uploaded a circuit in my Mk IX. Take-off was OK, & I survived the landing (which wasn't helped by Ivanovich still sitting on the runway as I landed. In my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWMq2jilJrsZnG0J2PftkYA See 6 min vid: DCS - ED Spit LF IX circuit after adjusting control settings In an attempt to highlight the more significant activities during my circuit, this is annotated (tho' the annotations apparently won't show on a phone). Not perfect by any means, but a reasonable flight since adjusting my controls (
  11. I've found that reducing the 'Axis Fine Tune' slope for Rudder & Pitch, from the default 45° to more like 30°, has allowed me to take off far more easily. Landing is still a bit of a problem (as always), but only after I touch the tarmac - left wing dips to ground...... I'm giving right aileron & right rudder, but that doesn't seem to cure it. Anyone advise on that?
  12. Folks - just a quick update on my own progress. I've now further adjusted sensitivities of elevator, rudder, throttle, brakes. These were all giving issues. Assistance now reduced to 30, & I expect to reduce this gradually (hopefully to zero). Something that is bothering me tho' is the very significant tendency to blackout.... - even the slightest beyond a gentle turn seems to cause (or 'threaten') a blackout if I don't react quickly enough to the signs (clearly this is not happening to the the FW pilots that I'm chasing in the dogfight). Is this normal? Is it realistic?
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