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  1. I think I have an answer for you. I came here because I was having the exact same issue. I checked my control options and noticed that "Coolie Hat Down Down" command had been mapped to "coolie hat up" on my throttle, and the "Coolie Hat Up" command had not been mapped at all. I have no idea how this came to be, since I never edited the coolie hat command. I even deleted the sim and re-added it when I could not get it to work the first time. I guess I should have checked the controller files first thing.:)
  2. I wouldn't worry about that guy. Jerks tend to be jerks. That's life. cheers..:)
  3. I am having trouble completing mission 14, the deep strike mission where Saint decides to sit it out. I get to the target and put bombs on target. We then encounter 2 F-5's and I shoot them both down; one with AIM-120 and the other with AIM 9M. Flip ask Tron 5-1 is he has us in sight. Tron answers he does not and then about a minute later I get a message saying "mission over blue winner" and the mission ends. I receive only 40 percent for a score. I know in the book Flip and Weed have to engage the Mig-35 and Flip shoots him down. I am sure I made a mistake somewhere but can't figure ou
  4. LOL....no worries man. I was able to get a lot better at 2 v 10 and practicing cranking and notching...:) Excellent work and I really appreciate the effort and thought that obviously went into the product. Looking forward to your next project.
  5. Mission 12 Problems Completing I love this campaign. It is very enjoyable and challenging; best I have played. I am having a problem completing mission 12 (Alert 7) with a good score. I go to the anchor point, and successfully defend rain forest against the 10 SU-24's and Mig 29's, shooting down all of them between myself, wing man and the 2 Mirage-2000's from UAE. I then respond "tiger" when asked about fuel state since I am not a joker (have about 8k left). I am directed then to commit against 2 tomcats to the north. They immediately fire AIM-54 at us and we defend by notching and c
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