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  1. You don't have a second stick/input as well as the stick you're using? DCS usually adds every controller it can find for inputs, and sometimes it becomes very wrong. For example, I'm using a TM Cougar throttle and stick combination with MFG Crosswind as rudder pedals and a crappy Saitek AV8R for radar inputs in the Viggen. DCS default setup sets both the AV8R and the TM setup to control the same things, and thinks that the MFG have buttons ect and not just 3 analog axis. That AV8R can really mess things up (it can be quite hysterical in the axises) if I try to fly a module that I haven't set u
  2. Have you checked your stick inputs? And what happens when you use the autopilot, will it roll so it the autopilot fails to keep it on heading? Hmm, only in some missions sounds like you have a very unbalanced loadout. After firing one Rb-15 out of 2 I do get a roll tendency, but I never find it all that hard to control (with stick, not trim) though I try to not delay the second launch longer than necessary. Apart from that I have never had any problems with uncontrolled roll on a undamaged Viggen.
  3. I remember reading Flygvapennytt when I visited my cousin, but to be honest the article that have stuck the hardest in my memory was the very early pictures of Mig-29 and Su-27's taken by Swedish and Norwegian air force pilots checking out Soviet planes as they where getting close to the borders.
  4. My old AV8R is frankly quite horrible, I bought it about 10 years to use for flying when I lived at two places at the same time. Of course, having already been spoiled with a Thrustmaster Cougar modded with über parts, well, it wasn't a great experience. A couple of years later I moved back full time to where I live now, forgot about the Saitek until a couple of years ago I started flying DCS Spitfire and wanted more analog axises to have trim on, and out came the AV8R. I still use it for trim, and some functions in the Viggen, but the normal stick axes spikes like mad on it. Maybe your stick
  5. Ha ha ha, I was stuck yesterday when trying to taxi, I couldn't get NWS turned on, or so I thought. I haven't flown in a couple of weeks due to PC crash, and this was the first time on the latest patch. After minutes of trying, I gave up and picked a new Viper, but the same problem there, until I by chance discovered that NWS was actually working, it was just that the light didn't turn on.
  6. Yes, I still have the same problem on the latest beta. Flew the P-51 first and prop looked good on that, but in the Spit I get really bad propeller graphics. Good thing I don't have any epileptic tendencies or I would have had a seizure.
  7. When I left a server on monday after having flown the Viggen, it crashed the server! Is that a known problem or just a freak issue?
  8. The Operation Garbo series of books was (is still actually) really good, especially the first two books, I remember reading the first one just months before the fall of the Soviet Union, the book is about how SU launches an attack on Sweden as a try to keep SU from falling apart. It is also gives a good idea on what kind of resources Sweden had in the late 80's early 90's, not just in the air but on land and on/in water as well. Another book worth reading, if you can find it and can read swedish, is "Slaget om Gävle", IIRC there's not as much flying in that one though.
  9. Well, you have found the only flyable module with thrust reverse. :music_whistling:
  10. I think the F-16 shows the same, but that was on monday before the last two updates, so...
  11. I'm surprised so many likes the feeling of the Hornet better then the Viper, I'm the other way around. I get a much better feel of what is happening in the Viper, and it acts more like I expect it to do, better feedback from engine as well. So, for the flying itself I definitely prefer the Viper. But when it comes to weapons the Hornet have the upper hand with the exception that it lacks the CBU-97 (that is awesome!), at least so far. Once the Falcon gets the HARM and JDAM I will probably not fly the Hornet as much (now I fly them approx 50/50).
  12. What is the current convergence (if any) in DCS WW2 planes? It is one of the things I miss the most from Cliffs of Dover, being able to set it to something that actually works for me. I don't want it to be something done on the fly, but rather a setting that you do in the specials page for the plane. Maybe with a possibility for server or mission builder to override the setting with the standard setting, but if that's the case I hope it's not overused.
  13. Yes, FFVS J-22 is the one I'm interested it. "World's fastest in relation to the engine power." And it's so damn cute. :P I must admit I had never heard of the Soko J-22.
  14. I don't have any high hopes, but a JA-37 would be a day one buy for me. I would also buy a Draken, or to be honest, almost any SAAB (or other Swedish military plane for that matter, anyone wanna make a J-22?) plane made by Heathblur. :D
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